12 Netherlands-based startups that raised funds in April 2022; 8 of them are currently recruiting

Startups are an integral part of the economic success of any country and the Netherlands is no exception. The country is known for its open culture, ease of doing business coupled with a largely English-speaking population and focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

As a result, the startup ecosystem in the Netherlands also saw a huge boost in the number of opportunities and financing deals. According to a report by DSA, €5.3 billion was invested in Dutch startups in 2021, compared to €1.7 billion in 2020.

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We have compiled a list of 12 Dutch startups that raised funding in April 2022. Eight of them also hire people. If you are in the Netherlands and looking for vacancies, check out this list. You can also share this article with friends and family who may be on the lookout.

Certain details of these startups, such as founders’ names, founding year, and recently raised funding, come from deal room

Image Credit: Rite Personal Data

Personal data of Rita

Founder(s): John Arts, Guglielmo Schenardic

Founded in: 2020

Latest financing: € 1M

According to Rita Personal Data, most people do not know which companies have their data and are not aware of the information being collected. Rita is changing that by providing people with a safe and easy way to learn more about their data and take control.

The company wants to make data work for everyone by democratizing the data landscape. The startup has built a mobile app that allows people to view, understand and manage their data. The app allows users to track their data in a dashboard that shows how much money the data is worth, how companies are targeting it, which ads they clicked on, and their level of data security. The platform allows users to ask companies to delete their data by exercising their GDPR rights.

Image Credit: TrueKinetix


Founder(s): Bas van Rens

Founded in: 2018

Latest financing: not published

TrueKinetix built the first prototype of the TrueBike, a robotic indoor bicycle trainer, in collaboration with TU Delft and TU Eindhoven. In the TrueBike, the company has replaced the flywheel with a ‘high-tech’ power generation platform, making indoor training more efficient. The company says it can simulate proper pedal force calculated from body weight and height.

TrueKinetix currently employs 30 people and is looking to expand its team and have a variety of roles available. Check them out here.

Negin Mirsalehi | Image credit: Gisou


Founder(s): Negin Mirsalehi, Maurits Stibbe

Founded in: 2015

Latest financing: not published

Gisou by Negin was born out of a passion for honeybees and hair care. With its bee-centric approach, Gisou aims to offer high-quality and natural beauty products, while raising bee awareness and inspiring new generations of beekeepers.

The company is currently looking for new talent. View the options here.

Bart Sanders | Image credit: LinkedIn


Founder(s): Bart Sanders

Founded in: 2017

Latest financing: €1.8 million

STENTiT is a medical device spin-off company from Eindhoven University of Technology, which focuses on the development of regenerative endovascular implants. The company claims to be an emerging player in regenerative medical devices and provides a breakthrough solution for cardiovascular interventions by developing the first endovascular implants of its kind with regenerative capacity.

Using a catheter-based approach, these devices provide the ability to repair arteries without the need for invasive surgical procedures. The goal is to eventually repair the affected blood vessel from within to provide a lifelong solution.

Image credit: Campspace

Camping site

Founder(s): Peter Alexander Bosmans, Hugo van Donselaar, Merijn Straathof

Founded in: 2016

Latest financing: €3 million

Campspace is a booking platform that specializes in ‘unique’ outdoor accommodations with a tent, in a camper or a cozy tree house, yurt or hut. The company claims to have grown at 300 percent per year.

Campspace says global demand has yet to slow down, with Slovenia posting the largest increase in outdoor housing (76 percent), followed by Austria (32 percent) and Belgium (25 percent). Regions such as the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, where camping was already a popular pastime, are also seeing an increase in outdoor accommodation, the company says.

Image credit: Flow

Money flow automation

Founder(s): Daan van Klinken, Niels Mulder, Danny Wilson

Founded in: 2019

Latest financing: €3.5 million

Flow Money Automation aims to help freelancers and individuals to better manage their cash flows. The company launched an app in 2020 that automatically distributes incoming money flows across budgets, savings accounts and investments based on ‘triggers’ that users set themselves.

The company says: “Using ‘smart rules’ it is possible to set up a money system that automatically budgets and prioritizes revenue. Money flows directly into ‘pots’ or different accounts, so that users have an overview of all their income and expenses and it is always clear how much money there is still to spend.”

Flow also has a PSD2 Open Banking license since 2020, which allows it to view and initiate financial transactions. The fintech company was one of the first Open Banking companies to receive both an AIS and PIS PSD2 license from De Nederlandsche Bank, which made it possible to connect all European banks. In addition to newer Dutch banks, such as bunq and Knab, large players such as ING, Rabobank and ABN AMRO are already connected to Flow.

With the recent funding, the company is looking to strengthen its team and currently has several open positions. Check them out here.

Image credit: Bloqhouse

bloq house

Founder(s): Tim Rutgers

Founded in: 2016

Latest financing: €2.1 million

⁠⁠⁠Bloqhouse’s mission is to make investing accessible to everyone and everywhere. The Dutch platform offers a cloud-based, one-stop-shop financing platform that meets all current and future needs of fund managers, investment funds and companies looking to raise capital. By digitizing its financing pipeline, the company is making capital raising more cost-effective.

Last week, the company raised new capital and is looking for new talent. Add here.

Image credit: Fibersail

fiber sail

Founder(s): Pedro Pinto, Hugo Rocha, Vasco Serpa, Carlos Oliveira

Founded in: 2015

Latest financing: € 5M

Fibersail is a mission-driven company that adds intelligence to the way wind turbines are built and operated. The company uses its proprietary shape-detection technology to focus on blade shape rather than root deformation, enabling manufacturers and operators to design and operate higher-performing wind turbines. The technology makes this possible by controlling and monitoring the behavior of their blades, making the EU vision climate neutral and energy independent.

Fibersail has offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Copenhagen, Denmark and Bogota, Colombia.

Founder, Florian Zandbergen | Image credit: LinkedIn

school talent

Founder(s): Florian Zandbergen

Founded in: 2018

Latest financing: €850K

SchoolTalent, a company that operates under the name Bijles Aan Huis in the Netherlands and as Lernigo in Germany, has the mission to provide students with ‘high-quality’ one-on-one tutoring.

Using artificial intelligence, the company’s platform makes it easier to find the right (screened) tutor. Once the student and tutor have found each other, the platform supports both the student and the tutor with didactic support, practice materials and more. During the pandemic, SchoolTalent made its online tutoring platform available to schools for free to help them get ready for the transition to online teaching faster.

The company is currently looking for new members to join its team. You can apply here.

Image credit: Payaut


Founder(s): Ernst van Niekerk

Founded in: 2019

Latest financing: €8 million

Payaut’s mission is to enable online platforms to provide buyers and sellers with the ‘best’ trading experience possible. The platform offers automated solutions such as reconciliation, balance management, invoicing, merchant verification via KYC checks and split payments.

The API-driven platform enables customers of all sizes to efficiently and securely manage their payments and finances while complying with legislation such as PSD2. The company obtained its license to provide payment services from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in July 2021.

Payaut acts as an intermediary between merchants and various Payment Service Providers (PSPs). As a result, marketplaces are not dependent on a single PSP, but can use multiple providers such as Mollie, Adyen, PayPal or Stripe at the same time.

With the recent funding, the company is looking to expand its team and has vacancies for a variety of positions. Check them out here.

Image Credit: Eye Saver

Eye protection

Founder(s): Piet Kerkhofs, Vincent van de Ven, Job Kuijpers

Founded in: 2020

Latest financing: €4.5 million

Eye Security was founded to make ‘high-quality’ security accessible to the most vulnerable companies. The company is on a mission to use its expertise to protect SMEs in Europe. It offers solutions in combination with cyber insurance, making cyber threats in SMEs manageable. In order to remove the risks of cybercrime from the balance sheet, the Dutch company will soon insure the residual risk for its customers.

Eye Security currently consists of a team of 50 people with a shared passion for fighting digital injustice and is looking to further expand the team. Add here.

Image Credit: The Manufacturer

the manufacturer

Founder(s): Kerry Murphy, Amber Slooten and Adriana Hoppenbrouwer

Founded in: 2018

Latest financing: €12.8 million

The Fabricant creates digital couture NFT collectibles in partnership with fashion and entertainment brands to bring them into the 3D digital fashion space. The company says it has created a space where a savvy 12-year-old can create a metaverse-native brand that can compete on the same terms as a historic fashion label.

The Fabricant estimates that by 2025, 100 million people will be metavers ready by wearing digital clothing whipped up in their studio. The company partners with Adidas, Under Armour, Off-White, Napapijri, Puma, Peak Performance, World of Women and gaming platforms such as Epic Games and The Sandbox.

The company is currently looking for a product owner, apply here.

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