15 Best Romantic Books of 2022

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Let’s be honest here; There is nothing better than a good novel. Whether you’re on a team, enemies of lovers or friends of lovers, or just looking for something tacky and fun to read, there are always romantic books that will take you on the ultimate roller coaster ride of ~feels~. And 2022 is already proving to be a big year for love stories as some of our favorites, like Tessa Bailey, release highly anticipated sequels and newcomers, like Ava Wilder, make their big debuts. Ready to fall in love with new books?

These are the 15 best romantic books of 2022 (so far).

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The roughest draft by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

Two exes, who used to write books together, decide to work on a new novel to put their name back in the spotlight. Things heat up quickly on the page, but does that mean things will change IRL between them?

Publication date: January 25


twisted hate by Ana Huang

Jules Ambrose and Josh Chen could never stand each other, but now they have to work in the same clinic for the next few months. Then a night together turns into a lot more, and the hatred they had for each other can’t stop burning.

Publication date: January 27


Delilah Green it doesn’t matter by Ashley Herring Blake

NYC photographer Delilah Green is forced to return to her hometown thanks to her sister’s wedding, despite her wish never to go back. But things turn upside down after she meets local bookstore owner Claire Sutherland.

Publication date: February 22


Hook, line and sinker by Tessa Bailey

Hannah Bellinger and Fox Thornton are only friends. So when Hannah moves back to town when the movie she’s working on decides to film there, she moves in with him. Will living together help them realize their true feelings for each other? Or does it push them even more away from each other?

Publication date: March 1


Dating Dr. dilic by Nisha Sharma

When they both need money, a consultant and a cardiologist start faking a date to convince those around them that they are stable enough to get what they need. The only problem? She is looking for true love and he does not believe it is real.

Publication date: March 15


Funny you should ask by Elissa Sussman

A journalist meets her Hollywood crush 10 years after their first interview to generate some buzz again. When the sparks fly as brightly as the first time, will things tie? Lake heated?

Publication date: 12 April


book lovers by Emily Henry

Could it be a best of romance list without another Emily Henry hit? This tale from enemies to lovers is the kind of beach read (ha) you crave all year round. And Charlie can ruin book buddies for you forever.

Publication date: 3rd of May


according to the book by Jasmine Guillory

This one Beauty and the Beast adaptation is another hit from Jasmine Guillory. Isabelle tries to get promoted in her job at a publishing house. When that doesn’t work right away, she tries to get a celebrity who missed his manuscript deadline to continue writing his book in order to get her boss a long-awaited title and prove himself once and for all.

Publication date: 3rd of May


Everything for you by Chloe Liese

When a grumpy veteran is forced to co-captain a new young player, two of the biggest football stars in the league must find a way to get along and prove they’re true team players.

Publication date: May 10th

A fitness influencer and a firefighter discover that there’s more to each other than just their ultra competitiveness when it comes to the gym they both attend. Who said sports can’t be sexy?


All downhill with you by Julie Olivia

Lorelai is the perfect person to lead Honeywood’s marketing department, thanks mainly to her love of roller coasters. But when the biggest roller coaster in the park breaks down with her on it, she has to deal with the engineer who built it and doesn’t seem too happy to be involved in this dilemma in the first place.

Publication date: May 22nd


Meant to be mine by Hannah Orenstein

Edie Meyer has been waiting for the day to meet her soul mate. But when he finally comes into her life, everything else around her starts to crumble and she wonders if it really does.

Publication date: June 7


Nora gets off the script by Annabel Monaghan

Nora Hamilton turned heartbreak into a success after she scripted the story of her husband who left her. But after the filming is finished, the lead actor who played her ex-husband asks her to stay with her for seven days. Nora soon finds out that a lot can happen in a week, especially if you have a hot Hollywood star living with you.

Publication date: June 7


How to fake it in Hollywood by Ava Wilder

Gray and Ethan are two actors who need to change their public image for completely different reasons, and there’s nothing a PR stunt relationship can’t solve! But are they just acting for the cameras, or is something really brewing between them?

Publication date: 14th of June


US royalties by Tracey Livesay

Rapper Danielle “Duchess” Nelson is about to sign the biggest deal of her life and she finds herself in the spotlight when Prince Jameson accidentally books her as a performer at an upcoming royal event. While all of this could spark yet another royal scandal, these two “royals” still can’t help but be in each other’s worlds.

Publication date: June 28

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