2 fugitives tied to targeted murders among 4 BC men found dead in the mysterious Ont. plane crash

Two fugitives charged with gang murders and with outstanding arrest warrants were among four men in BC found dead, and now identified, after a mysterious minor plane crash in a remote part of northwestern Ontario.

One of the men, Gene Karl Lahrkamp, ​​a suspected international hit man and former Canadian military member, bred Belgian Malinois before ending up on a wanted list and on the run from the Royal Thai Police.

Lahrkamp and a second man of Canadian military background, Matthew Dupre, 36, were accused by the Royal Thai Police of traveling to Phuket Island to murder former Abbotsford mobster Jimi Sandhu, who was allegedly murdered by two suspects on Feb. hoodies was shot. †

Dupre was arrested in Alberta and remains in prison pending his extradition.

Lahrkamp’s body was one of four recovered from the wreckage of a four-seat Piper PA 28-140 found early in the morning of April 30 near Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

Both Dupre and Lahrkamp have been released from the Canadian Forces as corporals, according to the CAF.

This Piper PA-28-140 was found crashed in Ontario on April 30 with four dead bodies in the wreckage. (Facebook)

Links between 4 deceased still a mystery

Sergeant Brenda Winpenny, of British Columbia’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU-BC), which helped Thai police search for Lahrkamp, ​​says a rare preliminary warrant was issued against Lahrkamp to aid in the investigation to the murder of Phuket before being found dead along with the three other men.

“We are not aware of the persons who were on the plane,” she added.

Winpenny says investigators will investigate why the foursome were together and whether there were any connections between them.

“What were the circumstances of Gene Lahrkamp being on that plane?”

A man with ties to the Independent Soldiers gang – Duncan Bailey, 37 – was also found in the wreckage.

Bailey had been released on bail on charges of conspiracy to commit murder in connection with an Oct. 6, 2020 shooting in Vancouver in which 42-year-old Mir Hussain was shot while carrying a baby in a car seat as he exited the Bells and Whistles Pub in the Dunbar neighborhood in Vancouver.

Bailey was charged with conspiracy to kill Hussain with a co-conspirator.

While Hussain survived that shooting, he was shot and killed in Coquitlam in May 2021 in a murder that has yet to be solved.

Pilot identified in fatal plane crash

Dan McLaughlin of the BC Prosecution Service told CBC News that a warrant was issued for Bailey on April 26 after he failed to meet multiple bail conditions.

A civil confiscation order filed last November against both Bailey and another Kamloops man reveals that Vancouver police seized $400,000 from a residence in Okotoks, Alta. that was allegedly the payment for the 2020 shooting of Hussain.

Bailey had been charged with violating his bail. According to the BC prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant was issued against him on April 26.

On Tuesday, police confirmed that the pilot who died in the plane crash was Abhivan Handa, 26, of Richmond, BC

On Wednesday, Ontario Provincial Police confirmed the name of the fourth man — Hankun Hong, 27, of Richmond, BC — after notifying his family.

“Today we were able to ensure that family members in another country were notified of the tragic end of the fourth victim in a plane crash in northwestern Ontario,” Bill Dickson, a spokesman for the Ontario Provincial Police, told reporters. CBC in an interview.

Police at the scene of the shooting of Mir Hussain who was found on the ground on Saturday, May 22, 2021, next to his white 2020 Toyota Highlander with gunshot wounds in an alleyway off Hart Street and Henderson Avenue in Coquitlam. (Shane MacKichan)

Ontario Provincial Police and the Transportation Safety Board are both investigating the crash.

Eric Vermette, a senior investigator with Canada’s Transportation Safety Board, says they’ll be looking at everything from aircraft maintenance data to pilot qualification data and weather to determine why the small plane crashed.

He said the sky was cloudy and there was some light rain during the flight.

The search was launched on April 29 when the plane failed to arrive as scheduled on the flight plan and the transponder from the plane’s emergency location began broadcasting.

A search and rescue team was coordinated from the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) Trenton, Ontario.

David Lavallee, a public affairs officer for the Royal Canadian Air Force, confirmed that the search for the Piper began early Saturday near Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

It was found after searchers dug into the locator transponder about 100 kilometers east of Dryden, Ont.

Four bodies were found at the crash site in a wooded area.

The plane was flying from Dryden, Ont., east to Marathon, Ont.

According to aviation officials, the plane took off from Dryden at approximately 9:09 p.m. on April 29.

Civil aviation records show that the plane — which is owned by a woman from Richmond, BC — originally left Delta Heritage Park Airport on April 23.

The wreckage of the Piper PA-28 Cherokee was discovered in the Kukukus Lake area, about 25 miles southeast of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, according to the Ontario Provincial Police. The small passenger plane was en route from Dryden to Marathon when it crashed Saturday morning. (CBC)

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