2000 new plants in Brimbank for National Tree Day

By Holly McGuinness

Friends of Kororoit Creek (FOKC) and the community gathered in a mammoth worker bee for National Tree Day on Sunday, July 31, with 2,000 plants in the ground.

FOKC President Jessica Gerger said there was a big turnout on the day: “About 150 people of all ages braved the cold, windy weather to help plant. We think there would have been more had the weather been more favorable to us. – but that’s still an absolutely fantastic display,

“Everyone was so excited to help and get involved. Every time you turned around, there were people lovingly working on different sections. It was heartwarming to see.” said Mrs Gerger.

Established in 1996, National Tree Day has since its inception 26 million trees planted across Australia by more than five million volunteers. The day is led by the nonprofit, Planet Ark Environmental Foundation, who said they see about 300,000 people each year who donate their time to volunteer to help green their communities.

The FOKC event took place at The Bug Rug, a local spot just off the Kororoit Creek trail in Sunshine West.

The group planted a variety of plants with 100 trees in the mix, “The rest were shrubs, wildflowers and grasses that are just as important.

“Native grasses are fantastic for carbon sequestration and provide habitat and food for beneficial insects and other local fauna,” said Ms Gerger, noting that the site is well worth a visit and they are grateful for the helping hands and sponsorship they have provided for that had a day.

“The Brimbank Municipality Conservation Department is very supportive.

“We also had sponsorship and support from Melbourne Water, Fifteen Trees, Love Sunshine Businesses, The Level Crossing Removal Project, Orica and Firekeepers,” said Ms. Gerger.

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