2022 Federal Election: It’s Hard to Ignore the McGowan Factor as WA Rejects the Liberal Party with Huge Swing at Labor

Experts had predicted that Western Australia could be influential, with the possibility that a swing of nearly 5 percent could affect the national result.

But by driving changes as high as 10 percent across the board, WA voters have fulfilled Labour’s wildest dreams and played a key role in including Anthony Albanese to the Lodge.

And some might argue that it came down to one man.

For months, Western Australians have been told that this election was not about the state’s wildly popular Prime Minister Mark McGowan.

Both Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison denied trying to capitalize on Mark McGowan’s popularity during the election campaign.ABC News: James Carmody

But the election results tell a different story. It tells the story of people who put their trust in McGowan to lead the state through the most terrifying time of this generation.

Since then, they’ve largely been rewarded for that trust, so when it came time to decide who should lead the next nation, it was no surprise that they once again trusted McGowan’s judgment.

It’s a hard truth, even the highest-ranking liberal in the state, and a fierce campaigner, Michaela Cash admitted on the night.

“We lived a fundamentally different life from the eastern states… and that became clear tonight,” she told Channel Seven’s election coverage.

Scott Morrison and Michaelia Cash at a press conference
Senator Michaelia Cash recognized WA’s difference from the eastern states.ABC news: Marco Catalano

Labor’s western fairytale might have looked very different had it not been for the fact that Scott Morrison and his government had made two fateful decisions.

When he opposed WA’s hard border and supported Clive Palmer in his High Court challenge, many Western Australians felt this was another example of Canberra being out of touch with the west.

Initially, he was strong on both before regressing when he realized the political cost of those choices.

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