Guide connects brands with Spanish marketing experts and provides in-depth market information

FAIRFAX, Va.May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Spanish Marketing Council (HMC) has released its 2022 Hispanic Market Guide, the most comprehensive resource in the US Hispanic market. Hispanics are impacting the multicultural mainstream at a faster rate than expected, changing American culture and purchasing behavior. Brands that continually strive to connect with the multicultural marketplace are seeing results that demonstrate Hispanic’s economic strength. This new publication, aimed at both newcomers and experienced brands, is available to view online or download for free.

The HMC 2022 Hispanic Market Guide is the authoritative resource for identifying companies with trusted Hispanic marketing expertise. This publication is aimed at newcomers as well as experienced brands and can be viewed online or downloaded for free at hispanicmarketingcouncil.org.

The HMC 2022 Hispanic Market Guide is the most comprehensive resource on the US Hispanic market.

The HMC 2022 Hispanic Market Guide is the authoritative resource for identifying companies with trusted Hispanic marketing expertise. In addition to being a valuable resource for marketers, this guide includes key trends in Spanish marketing, research and insights from Kantar and Nielsen, and a profile on effective Spanish creative materials by Círculo Creativo United Statesthe only non-profit organization dedicated to supporting creativity in the US Hispanic advertising market.

“Spanish purchasing power is expected to increase by 150 percent to” $2.6 trillion by 2025, making Hispanics the most formidable growth opportunity,” said HMC chairman Gonzalo Del Fa, president of GroupM Multicultural. “This is the guide for organizations analyzing their marketing spend, distribution, strategies and partnerships. We are now, and the opportunity is now.”

Highlights include:

  • HMC-screened advertising, media and marketing companies specializing in the Spanish market.

  • Important relationships with advertisers and agencies, sectors and contacts.

  • Top trends for marketers, including diversity within Hispanics, cultural blind spots in entertainment and marketing, including casting versus portraying in advertising, and much more.

  • Comprehensive demographic, marketing and media information.

  • A profile on the main Spanish advertising campaigns and the power of simple ideas.

The HMC 2022 Hispanic Market Guide is available at hispanicmarketingcouncil.org/hispanic-market-guide/. For more information, visit hispanicmarketingcouncil.org and follow the HMC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @hmchispanic.

About HMC: Founded in 1996 as the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, the Hispanic Marketing Council is the national trade association of all marketing, communications and media companies with trusted Spanish expertise.

(PRNews photo/Spanish Marketing Council)

(PRNews photo/Spanish Marketing Council)



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