$38 Million Cultural Center Planned for Barrhaven

A new cultural center is being built in Barrhaven, government officials announced on Friday.

The federal and Ontario governments have announced plans for a $38 million Barrhaven Town Center.

The cultural center includes a 15,000-square-meter cultural center, a senior citizen space and a 25,000-square-meter library.

“Once completed, this project will provide the residents of Ottawa with a cultural center that will foster social interactions and community engagement for years to come,” a press release said.

“Being able to deliver on Barrhaven’s city center therefore makes doubly meaningful sense to me as the local MPP and the Minister responsible for Public Libraries, Culture and the Performing Arts,” said Minister for Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture, Lisa MacLeod.

“Today, Nepean will benefit from a $38 million project that will provide a world-class facility for our fast-growing community that will benefit families for years to come.”

MacLeod and other politicians made the announcement at a news conference Friday morning.

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