5 Benefits of Hybrid Work Arrangements You Should Know

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Is hybrid working right for you?

Most important points:

  • Some days working from home and some days in person can work in your favor.
  • As more companies adopt hybrid schemes, it pays to see if that is an option for you.

Some companies are allowing their employees to work from home several days a week before the start of the pandemic. But it wasn’t until the COVID-19 outbreak started that remote working really took off.

As the COVID-19 situation appears to be more manageable, companies are increasingly calling employees back to the office so they can do their jobs in person. But some companies continue to let employees do their work remotely to some extent by agreeing to hybrid work configurations.

Under these arrangements, employees work from home a few days a week and report to the office a few days a week. If your business allows you to operate on a hybrid basis, it pays to consider doing so as you may be taking advantage of these five benefits.

1. Lower childcare and pet care costs

If you have children or pets, a full day at the office may mean paying someone to look after them. But being able to work from home even just once or twice a week can cut your pet care and childcare costs significantly.

2. Lower commuting costs

In case you haven’t noticed, gas prices have been rising lately. If you don’t have to commute to the office every day, you may be able to make less money with a credit card at the pump. That, in turn, can leave you with more money to pay your remaining bills.

3. A better work-life balance

When you’re never home, it’s hard to keep up with certain responsibilities like cooking, doing laundry, and the many things it takes to run a household. A hybrid arrangement can mean you spend less time on the road and more time at home, where there are plenty of tasks to cross off your list. And spending more time at home may make it easier for you to go to your kids’ school to see their spring play or help out for 30 minutes at their book fair.

4. A chance to still get facetime with your manager

When you are never in the office, it can be difficult to communicate with your manager. But the more face time you get, the closer you get to a promotion — one that could be your ticket to more money.

5. An easier time to collaborate with colleagues

Collaboration with colleagues remotely is possible. But right now, many people are struggling with Zoom fatigue and are tired of computer meetings. If you come to the office a few days a week, it may be easier to work with other people and build or strengthen those relationships.

If you’re used to working remotely, you may not want to go to the office at all right now. And if you’re tired of working remotely, you might prefer to spend five days a week in the office. But instead of going to extremes, it pays to consider the benefits of a hybrid work setup. And if your company doesn’t offer one, don’t hesitate to raise the subject with your boss or HR representative and see if they’re willing to consider it.

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