5 easy exercise hacks from a personal trainer.

I know.

This next tip is being rolled out always in these kinds of articles (much less hilarious articles, obvs), but listen: park your car further from your destination. Get off one stop earlier with public transport. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. This is the easiest way to get exercise into your day without even thinking, trying, or trying your hardest… honestly my 3 favorite activities.

And if you are unable to move NOW…

Contact a friend.

If you’re, say, a surgeon, and sitting and standing isn’t relevant advice right now, maybe once you’re done replacing your patient’s guts (assuming you do), take then reach out to a friend you admire for their dedication to fitness. Give them a call and find out what they are doing as part of their regimen and ask if you can join them one day. Trying something new with your friend in tow takes away the fear and intimidation and they can show you the ropes.

I know you are online now.

So look up gyms near you or [insert activity you have always wanted to do] in your area. I’m not saying go, I’m just saying look. Are you a little curious? Do they offer a free trial? Could you organize a time to go in and just have a look? None of these activities are obligations, just gathering information and planting a little seedling in your mind.

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As a fitness professional, exercise has given me a quality of life (mental, physical, social to name a few) that no money can buy. I’m in the industry precisely because I want to introduce and share these benefits to the masses. My wish for you is that these tips be a gateway drug to opportunities, or at the very least, to rethink emails and save you your job.

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