6 Best Exercises For Men To Do Every Day

Some may say that there is nothing that is the best exercise for men, but there are certain exercises that can be beneficial if done every day.

When you think of everyday exercises, you want to engage every part of your body so that all your muscles are active and you are ready for the day. Muscle activation does not require heavy weights or machines. You can do these exercises with your body weight as resistance.

Best Exercises For Men To Do Every Day

Here are six exercises that can pump any muscle group on a daily basis. You don’t need a machine, but a chin-up bar can be useful for some of these exercises. Let’s start:

1) Imprint

This is the most common bodyweight exercise one can think of. You can do pushups every day to pump the pectoral and triceps muscles.

Keeping your palms shoulder-width apart or slightly wider focuses on your chest. Keeping your palms close together can help you work your triceps — close-grip pushups.

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However, if you lift your hips and legs, the pushup will work your shoulders. This shape is known as a pike push-up.

2) Pull up

If you have a chin-up bar at home, you can use it to work on your lat muscles.

Pull-ups are often used as a warm-up on back days, as well as finishing exercises. You can keep your hands shoulder-width apart or wider, but both also work your back muscles.

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3) Squat

When focusing on exercises for men or any exercise that can be done every day, squats are a must. Squats work your lower body — quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Keeping your legs shoulder-width apart will work your quads. Keeping them wider and taking the position of sumo squats will work your hamstrings. You can also work your calves when you do squats, but ideally calves don’t need a bend in the knees.

4) Dips

Dips is another bodyweight exercise that you can do every day to grow your arms at home. You can use a simple chair or bench for this exercise.

However, be sure to lower your body as much as possible before pushing yourself back up. That way, you’re providing a much-needed stretch for your triceps, enabling muscle growth and endurance.

5) Pull up

If you’re working on your triceps, don’t forget your biceps. If you have or have access to a chin-up bar at home, use it for chin-ups. This is another exercise for men that can be done at home.

You should keep your palms close together and use your biceps to pull yourself up. You must maintain tension on the biceps muscles at all times and control the negatives to trigger muscle growth.

6) Crunch

When exercises for men are the focus, don’t neglect your abs. It’s important to work on developing core strength, which is essential for balance, stability, and various compound movements.

You can do regular sit-ups, bike crunches, leg lifts, side bends, and planks as a core routine at home.

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