70 Weird And Really Bad Signs That People Have Spotted That Makes Them Wonder Who The Hell Built Them

Nobody builds a board just because it looks good. If that were the case, we would probably have paintings and photographs on the road.

Whether it’s a sign with an advertisement or a road sign, it’s there because it has a message. These bits of information become essential in moving places, knowing what you are allowed to do and, more often, what you are not, or being aware of the direction you are heading. But what if the signs don’t do what they’re supposed to?

That’s how they end up in one of these Facebook groups: Stupid and Weird signs of Really Bad Signs. Both communities offer pure entertainment that shares everything from road and shop signs to street and public signs that have something odd about them. Sometimes it’s a misspelling, sometimes it’s a unique message, so I’ll leave the stage to them. Scroll down and vote for your favorites!

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