A fitness influencer demonstrated why fat loss can’t be targeted

We’ve all been there – we are happy with our shoulders, but could lose some fat from our stomach. Satisfied with our legs, but would like a little less fat on our backs. We exercise, eat smart and every time the scale shows a decrease in weight, we look critically That body part in the mirror. Has it magically shrunk while the rest of us stay the same?

Reality TV star and exercise and nutrition influencer, David Birtwistle, has taken to Instagram to highlight what an absurd idea this is. In response to a follower’s question as to whether anything can be done to “fight and eliminate back fat,” he creates the ultimate analogy of why this is a futile quest.

In the video, Birtwistle stands at a counter filled with water, brandishing a mug. Patiently, he uses the mug to transfer water from the sink to a pan next to him — until the cameraman asks what he’s doing. (continued below)

“Oh, I’m just trying to get the water out of the corner of the sink,” Birtwistle says, before agreeing that it doesn’t seem to work that well. After a stroke, he continues: “It all seems to be happening at once. It’s kind of like fat loss, isn’t it? You can’t get fat from one part of your body – it has to go all at once.”

He takes a sip from the mug, drops it and walks away. Birtwistle explains the skit and captions the video “You can’t get water out of the corner of the pool. You can’t see the fat decrease. Focus on the process, do the foundations and the results will come”.

A helpful reminder that your body is a whole and losing weight is a holistic activity.

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