A surprising photo captures an osprey gliding gently over the surface of the water


#Andy Woo #birds #nature #water

August 12, 2022

Grace Ebert

Image © Andy Woo, shared with permission

Ospreys, the large birds of prey with barbed claws and dense, oily plumage, feed almost exclusively on fish and have been known to submerge themselves completely in the water during a hunt. However, an unexpected photo of Andy Woo captures the bird predator in a failed attempt as it skims over the surface rather than plunging in to retrieve its next meal. “Although I couldn’t figure out what just happened at the time, looking at the sequence I captured, it seems to me that the osprey tried to grab a fish out of the water, missed it, then didn’t lift enough to get back on the air quickly,” he tells Peta Pixel. The unusual movement lasted less than a second, just enough time for the Olympia photographer to capture the bird’s action and reflection on the water.

Woo is currently selling prints of the ephemeral glide, and you can find the whole series on his Instagram.

#Andy Woo #birds #nature #water

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