A Teletubbies bar is coming to Canberra and who wants to get tipsy with Dipsy?


It’s a sentence we never thought we’d write, but here it is: a Teletubbies themed bar is coming to Canberra.

That’s right, you can get tipsy with Dipsy, laugh with Laa Laa, party with Po, and nibble on Tubby Toast with Tinky-Winky. And my god, we never knew until now that we needed this childhood dream to come true.

Looking back at the ’90s and our favorite childhood show (who could forget Noo-Noo, the character who had unrealistically high hopes for vacuum cleaners?), the real-life Teletubbyland set is built in a secret location and invites Tubby aficionados to a exclusive event in the (beautifully decorated) Home Dome.

With tickets starting at $10, expect 90 minutes of Teletubbies themed fun, including a themed cocktail on arrival, nostalgic fun and games, and a DJ spinning some 90s throwbacks and more!

And while there’s no confirmation on whether the Teletubbies will be there in real life, we have a feeling they wouldn’t turn down a Tubby Custard cocktail. But don’t worry, there will also be non-alcoholic drinks available and family-friendly sessions so you can take your little ones along to teach them how to scream “EH-OH”.

Get ready to party until Baby Sun sets in the sky and the Teletubbies say goodbye. Your inner child will thank you.

For more information, visit explorehidden.com/event/details/the-teletubbies-bar-canberra

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