A Texas mom left her phone unlocked. Then her 2-year-old son ordered 31 cheeseburgers


A Texas mom learned an important lesson about leaving her phone unlocked after her 2-year-old son accidentally ordered 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers from DoorDash.

On Monday, Kelsey Golden, who works in media marketing for a school, was working on the school’s yearbook at home on her computer. She was transferring pictures from her phone to her computer when her 2-year-old son Barrett started “jerking” at her phone, she told CNN.

Golden explained that her son loves the camera feature on her phone. “He likes to look at his reflection in the mirror,” she said, instead of playing games or doing other activities on her phone.

But this time, Barrett wasn’t just staring at his reflection. “He starts pressing the screen and swinging it around like his arm is on a roller coaster,” she said.

Then Golden got a notification that her DoorDash order was taking longer than usual — which was unusual, because even though she sometimes ordered DoorDash for her two older kids’ lunches at school, she’d packed their lunches that morning.

A colleague at work added to the confusion when she told Golden that her kids were indeed eating their packed lunches at school — no sign of DoorDash.

“The moment she said that, I was outside playing with Barrett on the porch,” she said. “A car pulls up and I was like ‘what’? So I went over there, and she pulls out a giant McDonald’s bag and is like ’31 cheeseburgers?’”

At first, Golden said, she thought the delivery person was at the wrong house. “That’s when it dawned on me that Barrett was playing with my phone,” she said. “I went back and looked at my phone and an order was placed at that time that he was playing with my phone.”

“I thought, oh my god, he really did this.”

The accidental order was even more misguided because “nobody in our family likes cheeseburgers,” Golden said. So she posted free cheeseburgers to her city’s Facebook page.

“It kind of exploded from there.”

“A woman came by, she was pregnant and wanted six,” she said. “No judgment.” She added that she also donated some cheeseburgers to neighbors.

The total order came in at $91.70, in part because Barret left a “really generous” 25 percent tip, Golden said.

She said she had “no idea” the accident would go viral. On Friday, she and Barrett were invited to meet with McDonald’s staff, where her son could meet the company’s mascots, take photos, and enjoy some chicken nuggets.

Golden hopes her son’s “coincidence” will brighten people’s days.

“I hope it spreads a little humor in a sad dark world,” she said.

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