A training dress you can swim in?! Yes please

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There are few things in life that bring me as much comfort and pure, childlike joy as wearing a sports dress, which has been my favorite outfit for the past four years. Since I got my first original Outdoor Voices practice dress ($100) in 2019, the athleisure staple has evolved into what feels like a million silhouettes, styles, and shades, ultimately rounding out my wardrobe with something for every occasion.

But the sports dress recently got its biggest upgrade yet, in my humble opinion, when the inclusive bikini brand Kitty and Vibe launched a waterproof riff of the garment. Launched earlier this summer, the Play Dress ($110) has everything you want in an active dress, including bright, whimsical patterns, the signature built-in shorts with pockets, and a chunky shelf bra. Only this time it should get wet.

Kitty and Vibe, Play Dress – Daisy – $110.00

Built-in bra? To check. Shorts with silicone grippers to prevent slipping? To check. Waterproof material that dries in the blink of an eye?! Check, check, check. The Play Dress is the hottest sports dress yet, and the daisy print is just the icing on the cake.

Available in: Sizes XS-5XL

Yes. The Play Dress is the sport dress you can swim in in comfort or at least enjoy a cool splash. Kitty and Vibe took its silky smooth UPF 50 swim fabric and turned it into a cute swimsuit dress that can be quickly splashed and dried, perfect for days on the lake, paddling and other wet and wild adventures. It was the brand’s first venture into athleisure, and I’m not complaining.

As someone who owns possibly a dozen sports dresses, the Play Dress was the first I was able to actually submerge myself underwater—important for someone who spends most of her free time boating, fishing, and paddleboarding. In theory, could I get my other moisture-wicking dresses wet? Of course, I don’t think technical polyester isn’t waterproof. But the times that I did take them paddling along, they didn’t dry as quickly, often showed “stains” (even if it was just from water), and remained soggy and heavy for most of the day.

Not the play dress. Made from the same fabric as the Kitty and Vibe swimsuits, it handles H2O like a champ and dries in an instant too. Even when I submerged it (the result of a flipped paddleboard), it dried within ten minutes of being back in the sun, returning to its original shape while repelling any soggy bottoms. After wearing, wetting and stretching it all summer, it has kept its shape like a dream. Other competing brands I’ve worn stretch from stepping in and putting them on. So far the Play Dress looks and feels as good as new, wet or dry.

And the details are impressive, except they can just swim. Like other sports dresses, the Play Dress has a simple A-line with adjustable crossover straps at the back. There’s also a built-in shelf bra (something most gym dresses are) not done until recently), double pockets and silicone grips on the built-in shorts to keep them from riding up as you walk and swim. All of this is available in sizes XS-5XL, so everyone has a comfortable dress to swim and play in.

Suffice it to say I’ll be wearing my Play dress for the The next four years, and hopefully the next four years after that. It’s cute, waterproof, and pretty much the easiest way to get dressed every morning in the summer. If you need me, I’m here in my dress, eagerly awaiting the next round of innovations that brands are going to surprise us with.

Play Dress – Goldie – $110.00

The brand took its best-selling vibes (aka prints) and turned them into dresses. This bright orange floral beauty stands out in a sea of ​​LBDs and will become your summer uniform.

Play Dress – Ashton – $110.00

You will literally see stars with the Ashton. If you look closely, you can see a galaxy of small moons and stars printed on the black swim fabric. Perfect for minimalists who want to add a pop of color without going overboard.

Play Dress – Marina – $110.00

Released as a swimsuit earlier this summer, this limited-edition print is nearly sold out as a dress. It’s a bit ’90s with its swirling, twisting marbling – get it before it’s gone for good!

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