AAWireless is now available on Amazon

Wireless Android Auto has quickly become a reality for many thanks to the rise of aftermarket adapters, but some are still remarkably hard to come by. Now the original Android Auto wireless adapter, AAWireless, is making its way to Amazon.

AAWireless first hit the market in 2020 as a crowdfunded project that promises to bring wireless Android Auto to any vehicle that already supports the wired version. That was an ambitious promise at the time, because it wasn’t done yet. Still, the small company behind the project pulled it off and began shipping units in early 2021.

But it wasn’t until last month that AAWireless finally graduated from Indiegogo and started selling the product on its own website. Now customers have another option.

AAWireless is now on sale at Amazon.

The adapter sells for the same $89 on Amazon as it does on the company’s own website, although it’s important to note that this is only for the US at this time. The team at AAWireless tells us that Europe is next and that Canada and Australia will also see Amazon sales later this year once the certifications fall in place.

Of course, you buy the same dongle from Amazon as you would from AAWireless’s own website, or before that Indiegogo. The simple dongle pairs with your phone and plugs into your car to enable a wireless connection for Android Auto, something relatively rare in most vehicles. The dongle also includes an app that gives users a little more control over the experience, and the tools needed to make adjustments if there are any compatibility issues.

AAWireless is not the only dongle to offer this. Google put its weight behind the Motorola MA1, a simple plug-and-play dongle that costs the same $89 but is remarkably hard to find in stock. Carsifi, which recently started selling outside of Indiegogo, is another option that stands out thanks to its “Magic Button” that can switch between devices in the blink of an eye.

If AAWireless sells out on Amazon, which it likely does, the team behind the adapter tells us there’s “enough” inventory available through direct channels. Shipping on Amazon currently takes about five days, but that should change over time.

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