Adam Conover Ruins Government in Netflix’s The G Word

Adam Conover

Adam Conover
PhotoMike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

The joke built into the title of Adam Conover‘s Adam ruins everything-which lasted three gleefully educational seasons in the shadow of TruTV’s monolithic impractical jokers reps, from 2015 to 2019-is that most of the things Conover and his collaborators apply to their show’s research? energies were already pretty goddamn ruined† The whole point of the show was mostly to be some sort of upbeat and thoughtful buzzkill, revealing that whatever pleasant assumptions most of us use to keep ourselves out of the Screaming Place 24/7 ais just that, with Conover pulling back the curtain about everything from Halloween to cars to several of his own show Prejudice (in the 2019 final)

The G-wordConover’s New Netflix Show is, expressly, not a new version of Adam ruins everythingas applied to the process of American governance-which is something you may not understand right away from the trailer, taking on much of the tone and many of the tricks from Conover’s previous show. It seems to scratch the itch left by Everythingthough, that is, a mix of deep-diving exploration, energetic goofball sketches and Conover’s own hosting style, with his laser focus on the absurdities of the subject to which he applies it, and above all this one topic.

And, really, is there a more fertile field? for Conover to edit than the government (and in particular the US government, a topic that feels more screwed up lately? In the trailer, Conover talks to people from all over the US government infrastructure, including USDA inspectors, weather monitors and more. †He also brings out a few guest stars, including Penn and Teller, whose Showtime series nonsense! can be seen as a precursor to Conover’s own offering.)

Conover has released details about the show on social media today; all 6 episodes of The G-word will be available on Netflix from May 19.

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