AdvanceTEC wins cleanroom design-build contract for biopharma leader

May 9,-2022

The company won the project based on proven success, advanced technology, simultaneous off-site prefabrication and on-site field execution strategy

AdvanceTEC, a leader in cleanroom design, construction and mission-critical process integration, announced that the company has been awarded a cleanroom design-build contract for a global leader in the biopharmaceutical industry. As part of this project, AdvanceTEC will partner with a leading construction manager to deliver a large scale cGMP cleanroom project. AdvanceTEC is responsible for the design, 3D BIM/VDC modeling and the integration of the cleanroom with high-quality finishes that meet the customer’s strict business objectives.

AdvanceTEC was selected for this critical project based on the company’s proven ability to be at the forefront of 3D BIM/VDC modelling, design and trading partner coordination. While demonstrating the capabilities of AdvanceTEC, the team took a deep dive into the project demonstrating to the customer the buildability, schedule and integrated work sequence for other trading partners and process equipment deliveries. This level of detail and demonstrating the value of AdvanceTEC’s prefabrication facility deserved the selection.

“This is an exciting and crucial win for AdvanceTEC,” said Bryan Phelan, AdvanceTEC Managing Partner and Director of Customers. “With this project, AdvanceTEC not only expanded our footprint with a leading customer, but also secured business with a respected construction manager, while displacing an old competitor that had entrenched itself as the sole supplier on the site.”

Gene Taylor, Director of Integration, AdvanceTEC, said, “We are pleased that the customer appreciated the level of detail shown by our design team in their model presentation and planning.” Gene continued: “We have added new technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality to our Cleanroom IP platform. Both technologies will be used during this project and will help to maintain coordination and project schedule. I believe our client has seen first hand the true power of our capabilities.”

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This facility will be equipped with ISO 7 class 10,000 and CNC cleanrooms. AdvanceTEC will use virtual reality throughout the design process for room-by-room programming of process equipment, personnel and access to process tools. Combining technology with their offsite strategy and prefabrication facility, AdvanceTEC is poised to scale their customers’ needs and meet their time-to-market requirements.

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