Air problems welcome from residents of Maribyrnong

Maribyrnong Municipality is calling for public comments on proposed measures to reduce air quality problems in the region.

The municipality is calling on residents to complete a questionnaire and comment on the draft Air Quality Improvement Plan.

The draft plan outlines a number of possible actions the council can take, including:

Introduction of a comprehensive air quality monitoring network;

Developing an air quality map to identify pollution hotspots;

Implement strategies to prevent people from idling their vehicles outside of schools and hospitals;

Limiting the installation of wood-burning stoves in new developments; and

Fast tracking of the transition of the municipality’s fleet to electric vehicles.

Maribyrnong Mayor Anthony Tran said the municipality is committed to taking more action to ensure air quality will improve in the future.

“Our residents are exposed to consistently poor air quality levels compared to other Melbourne suburbs, and that’s not OK,” he said.

“Our community can reasonably expect that the air they breathe will not adversely affect their well-being.”

The council also lobbies state and federal governments for a ban on diesel trucks, excluding vans, from residential streets and a ban on all sales of diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2030.

The Maribyrnong Council plans to incorporate the feedback received in June before approving the implementation plan in August.

Cr Tran said any comments about the air quality from Maribyrnong residents are welcome.

“While there are things residents can do individually to help improve air quality, we also want to do what we can to ensure that the kind of environmental changes will make a real difference, both in terms of what we can influence to do as what we can do. we can implement ourselves,” he said.

“I encourage you to voice your opinion.”

Registration closes on Sunday, May 29 at 5:00 PM.


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