Alleged disabled BC driver claims she was distracted by makeup

A woman who allegedly drove her Land Rover in a Tesla faces a $2,000 fine, a six-month driving ban, alcohol counseling and probation.

A woman charged with drink-driving after her Land Rover hit a Tesla in June 2021 told police she was distracted at the time of the collision.

Oksanna Suvorov is charged with drink-driving and driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08.

A prosecutor told Vancouver County Court Judge Jennifer Oulton on June 23 that a police officer at the scene spoke to Suvorov.

“‘I put on my makeup,'” the prosecutor told Oulton, of Suvorov’s conversation with the prosecutor on July 25. “‘I get distracted.'”

The prosecutor said the officer reported not hearing slurred speech, but detected a smell of alcohol.

A joint filing with Oulton suggested a $2,000 fine, 18 months probation, a six-month driving ban, alcohol counseling and community service.

The judge suggested moving the case to another courtroom so it can be resolved. That date is likely to be set on June 30.

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