Amid fiber optic news, Harmony provides an update on its unique home buyer discount program

HARMONY, Minnesota (KTTC) — It’s a program that’s adding more homes to Harmony’s blocks and since 2020 has focused on getting remote workers to move to the city.

“One or two houses a year is perfect for us,” said Chris Giesen, member of the Harmony Economic Development Authority.

Giesen runs Harmony’s unique discount program, which has attracted national attention in part because it gives home buyers a discount of up to $12,000.

“I think ours is unique in that it’s a cash payment of that magnitude,” Giesen said. “Generally speaking, $5,000 to $12,000 is what people qualify for.”

The program has shifted its focus to targeting the home-based population, as the city says it offers a cheaper, quieter alternative to larger cities.

“It gives people the opportunity to work for a company in Rochester, yet live in a small town and really get the feel of a small town,” says Harmony City Administrator Devin Swanberg.

With Monday’s announcement that the city is moving to fiber optic internet, the city hopes it can become an even more inviting place for home workers.

“By converting fiber to the home, we can provide symmetrical speeds of up to one gigabyte per second to any location here in the city of Harmony,” said Jill Huffman, CEO of Harmony Telephone Company.

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