Another interactive exhibit is coming to Dallas, but this time it’s Banksy

Throughout history, art has spawned a great wealth of puzzling mysteries, and one of the greatest mysteries of the modern age is undoubtedly the identity of street artist Banksy. Now Dallas gets a chance to find out (good luck) by getting an up-close look at the artist’s work when an exhibition lands in the city this summer.

Banksyland promises a riveting “unauthorized and uncensored” look at his 25-year career, according to a press release.

Very little is known about the true identity of Banksy, who works in complete secrecy. The artist is widely believed to be an Englishman, born in the mid-1970s and popping up on Bristol’s street art scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Banksy gained appeal for his controversial artwork and various stunts, such as when he installed an automatic paper shredder in the frame of his iconic ‘Balloon Girl’ painting, so when it sold at auction, it destroyed itself. His most iconic works also include ‘Love is in the Air’ and ‘Napalm’.

The artist has been the subject of several documentaries, most notably the one from 2010 Exit through the gift shop. Since then, artworks identified as a Banksy have popped up sporadically around the world to the surprise of passers-by and have become newsworthy occurrences. Dallasites can mark their calendars well in advance and check out the art in the Dallas Design District in June and July.

Banksyland is an international traveling exhibition that gives viewers a close-up and in-depth look at Banksy’s most infamous and elusive works of art. The immersive multimedia art experience includes over 80 artworks, salvaged street art and never-before-seen installations exploring the influence of one of the most iconic street artists of our time.

Banksyland will be in Dallas for two weekends: June 24-26 and July 1-4. Each day offers 15 time slots starting at 12 noon and ending at 7 p.m. (July 4 ends at 4 p.m.). You can buy tickets on the Banksyland website, where prices range from $22 to $59. To maintain the sense of mystery and elusiveness, the location of the exhibit will only be announced two weeks in advance.

Dallas is one of three stops in Texas on the Banksyland tour. The exhibit is July 22-24 in Austin and August 12-14 in Houston.

The art show was produced by One Thousand Ways, an international experiential arts collective specializing in bringing immersive and in-depth shows and exhibitions to cities around the world. They have an established presence in Europe, North America and Asia, where their global team of curators and producers have pushed a message of social change through art.

Banksyland is part of a wave of immersive shows in Dallas. This also applies to competing Van Gogh exhibitions that confused ticket buyers last summer. In May and June, Lighthouse Art Space organizes a Frida exhibition, followed by a Monet and the Impressionists immersive event in July, August and September.

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