Apple mixed reality headset ‘likely’ to be announced in January: analyst (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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apples (NASDAQ:AAPL) oft-specified mixed reality headset is “probably” announced in January 2023, according to an influential tech analyst.

In a blog post, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the offering of Apple (AAPL), along with the “huge potential demand” in China, will “promote the continued rapid growth of the headset industry”.

Apple shares got almost 1% to $139.50 in premarket trading on Friday.

Kuo explained that while Apple (AAPL) has “repeatedly” talked about its interest in augmented reality, it’s more likely that the tech giant that supports mixed reality with its headset can provide “an excellent immersive experience” and meet the demand for immersive gaming and multimedia. can boost content.

The analyst also pointed out that the headset is likely the “most complicated” product Apple (AAPL) has ever designed, indicating that many existing Apple (AAPL) vendors are working on the headset.

As such, the stock prices of both Apple (AAPL) and its suppliers should be “reassessed” over the next two or three years, helping investors.

In a recent interview with a Chinese news outlet, Apple (AAPL) Chief Executive Tim Cook said consumers should “stay informed” when asked what the tech giant has for the augmented reality space.

“I’m incredibly excited about AR, as you may know,” Cook told china daily† “And the most important thing for any technology, including AR, is to put humanity at the center and that’s what we focus on every day.”

Cook added that Apple (AAPL) has more than 14,000 apps that run on ARKit, the company’s augmented reality API, and he’s excited about its AR-focused capabilities, concluding that customers “need to stay a little informed.” And you’ll see what we have to offer.”

Kuo also noted that Meta Platforms (META) investment discounts will help other headset makers.

The analyst explained that while he views Apple (AAPL) as a “game-changer for the headset industry”, other companies, such as Sony (SONY), Microsoft (MSFT), Valve, Pico and HTC, also deserve attention. for their headphones.

Wedbush Securities recently reiterated that Apple (AAPL) is one of the top three stocks in the tech sector, reminding investors to focus on “secular winners.”

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