Apple’s iOS 15.6 update: everything new on your iPhone

Apple’s iOS 15.6 is here and ready to be downloaded to your iPhone. Released on July 20, the successor to iOS 15.5 folds bug fixes — including for a bug that incorrectly showed phone storage as full — and a new live sports viewing feature in the TV app.

With the TV app you can now restart live sports games that are already in progress, as well as pause, rewind and fast forward. iOS 15.6 also includes a long list of security updates for the iPhone.

Here are Apple’s July 20 release notes:

iOS 15.6 includes improvements, bug fixes, and security updates.

  • TV app adds the ability to restart and pause, rewind or fast forward a live sports game already in progress
  • Fixes an issue where Settings may continue to show that the device storage is full even if it is available
  • Fixes an issue that could cause braille devices to slow down or become unresponsive when navigating text in Mail
  • Fixes an issue in Safari where a tab could return to a previous page

This may be the last update to iOS 15 before the company’s next mobile software, iOS 16, gets a wide release alongside the heavily rumored iPhone 14. The next version of iOS, that is now available in public betawill bring several new features, including the ability to edit and delete messages, a new customizable lock screen, changes to notifications, and updates to Wallet and Apple Pay.

Apple also released iPadOS 15.6, MacOS 12.5, WatchOS 8.7 and TVOS 15.6 on Wednesday. In addition to security updates, iPadOS 15.6 and MacOS 12.5 got the same TV app update for live sports as iOS 15.6, while WatchOS 8.7 brought bug fixes and TVOS 15.6 got performance and stability improvements, according to Apple.

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