Architecture awards recognize companies that do magic with bricks

“Thrilled!” For example, tile maker Paul Mooney reacted to the news that his family’s small tile company had been recognized for its craftsmanship along with some of Australia’s top architects at the annual Think Brick architectural awards.

Mooney’s company Tim and Terry Tilers, a small business that usually does residential roofing, has been highly acclaimed for its work restoring the roof of a 1938 Art Deco block of flats at Point Piper in Sydney to its former glory. About half of this year’s entries were from beginners.

The project involved the import of 7,500 terracotta tiles from Portugal. It took a team of six tilers three weeks to complete the project at Wentworth Towers, a group of seven Art Deco apartments.

Mooney said it was a special project, bigger than their usual contracts and with a much better view.

“We went to work to say how lucky we were, while looking over the heads.”

When it was done, his team stood on the roof and shot a video. “Damn beautiful!” said one.

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