ARRS Annual Meeting Delivers Updated Introduction

Image: Left: AP radiography of cervical spine shows well defined single density bullet in right posterolateral soft tissues of neck at C4 level – consistent with full metal sheathed bullet. Right: two different densities of ballistic material. Lower density fragment in the left upper lobe is a copper jacket and a high density metal fragment is lead score – consistent with a half jacket bullet.
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Credit: 2022 American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA, May 4, 2021Understanding the most recent mechanisms of ballistic trauma and injury patterns aiding radiologists’ interpretation noted an award-winning electronic exhibit this morning at the ARRS Annual Meeting in 2022 in New Orleans, LA.

Both direct and indirect injuries are caused by the bullet and the shock wave created around its path.

“When interpreting imaging, one should use a mechanistic approach to establish bullet trajectory, followed by assessment of injuries along the established path. Residual bullet fragments should be considered MRI conditional, and with proper preliminary workup, patients can be safely imaged ,” wrote Jaykumar Nair, submitting and lead author, of St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

In addition, these updates point to important anatomical and pathophysiological issues, as well as imaging findings and techniques, of firearms and ballistic tissue injuries.

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