Artificial Intelligence Streamlines Rental Assistance at DHA »Dallas Innovates

DHA Housing Solutions for North Texas DHA has simplified the delivery of rental assistance through its new AI-based technology.

A platform called Bob.AI allows customers and landlords to complete submissions and inspections online to speed things up. In addition, tenants can search for vacancies, while landlords or property owners can publish vacancies on the platform for free, potentially reaching thousands of qualified tenants every day.

“In the first few weeks of implementation, we saw this tool effectively shorten 3-4 days of the process,” Troy Broussard, DHA president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “Some families have completed the RFTA filing process and inspections in one week.”

It is a process that could previously take weeks. Vacancies are money, says Broussard. The agency decided to think differently when coming up with solutions, he says.

DHA, which operates more than 17,000 units in seven counties, says the Bob.Ai platform could expand to other agencies in the US

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