Artists who get huge sums to perform for almost no one

– You’ve probably heard of great artists being hired to perform at corporate events or large private parties. As David Browne writes in a long piece for: rolling stone, that has been happening for more than two decades. But Browne sheds light on the “much more shadowy parallel world” [that] is thriving”: the ultra-private event. He opens his piece with a glaring example: a 40-minute performance by Jennifer Lopez in Macau included a $1.25 million payment to Lopez and another $ 500,000 for travel expenses for her and her team, and saw the construction of a restaurant and nightclub in a Grand Hyatt ballroom especially for the event.The audience: About 20 members of a wealthy Chinese family celebrating a relative’s birthday.

That was in 2014, and the trend has only continued, Browne writes, even during the pandemic (performers gave virtual private concerts for six-figure payday). One event booker describes the current landscape: “They’re doing it discreetly and in front of 30 to 50 friends, and they’ll have a million-dollar performer perform for 45 minutes before having a celebrity chef prepare dinner.” Discreet indeed: Browne notes that nondisclosure agreements surrounding the events are increasingly becoming the norm. Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, however, was willing to talk and says half of his annual income now comes from events like this. But he says they are not easy. “Some of them require you to work really hard; you don’t get the response you’re used to getting in your hard-ticket shows, and it might hurt your ego a bit. That’s also one reason why you get paid three or four times over.” what you normally get.” (Read the full story for many more examples.)

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