At a Glance is starting to show your Bluetooth accessories on Google Pixel phones

Previously announced as part of the March 2022 Feature Drop

Pixel 3 vs Pixel 6 at a glance widget

The At a Glance widget on Google Pixel phones has undergone significant changes since the Google Pixel 6 with new features such as fitness activity, bedtime reminders, and even alerts from your Nest doorbell. A new update (via XDA Developers) to the widget has brought another feature, making it easier to control your Bluetooth-connected devices.

This feature was announced as part of the March 2022 Feature Drop from Google, but this is the first time we’ve seen it rolling out to Pixel phones. It will show you a card with your connected devices, such as your headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. It’ll also show you the battery level and whether you’re connected. There’s little to this feature, but it should make it easier to see your accessories and monitor their battery.


At a Glance Bluetooth connected accessory
An example of the At a Glance feature

Not everyone has this feature yet, and I’ve yet to be able to replicate it on my Google Pixel 6 Pro. The rollout was spotted by Reddit user u/mattbxd, who said that the feature arrived on their device, but then disappeared. Google is testing this feature for now, which may mean you have to wait to get it on your Pixel phone. It’ll likely be a staged rollout, which means we don’t have an exact date for when it’ll arrive. For now, At a Glance is exclusive to Pixel devices so don’t expect to see this on any other Android phones soon.

To find out if you have the feature, head to your home screen and long press until the customization menu appears. Lord, you should select Home settings and then press the cog next to At a Glance† You’ll be able to toggle which elements appear in the future, and if you have the new feature, this will include Connected devices

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