Walmart drops mask mandate for vaccinated employees

The nation’s largest private retailer announced the changes as several US states, from New York to California, issued their own plans to lift indoor mask mandates as Omicron cases decline. Fully vaccinated Walmart associates will no longer be required to wear masks unless required by the state or local governments. Unvaccinated employees and those who … Read more

Here’s how traders got alerted to some of the biggest rallies of this week’s resurging market

This crypto winter wasn’t a very long one. Having briefly touched $34,000 in the second half of January, Bitcoin (BTC) is on its way up again, touching the $45,000 mark on Feb. 10. Many altcoins have been catching up as well and posting double-digit weekly returns. However, not all relief rallies were equally impressive. Is … Read more

Opinion | Can Democrats See What’s Coming?

Yellen doesn’t see this as a tension. The government’s role is to step in when markets fail, and climate change is a market failure. “There are areas where you can say the private sector doesn’t have sufficient incentives to engage in applied research we need and that would easily pass a cost-benefit test,” she told … Read more

Amazon’s new MMO, Lost Ark, already has the fifth largest Steam competitor record ever •

And it was only released yesterday. Smilegate’s new MMO, Lost Ark, published by Amazon Games, has hit almost one million concurrent players within 24 hours of its release. In spite of struggling servers that couldn’t keep pace with demand, that means Lost Ark currently sports the fifth-biggest competitor peak of Steam players ever, following PUBG, … Read more

Antibodies in unjabbed Covid survivors ‘stronger’ than protection from two doses, study claims

People who’ve had Covid but no jabs may have longer immunity than those who’ve been double-jabbed but never infected, a study suggests. There has been fierce debate about whether natural or vaccine-induced protection is better throughout the pandemic, with research producing mixed results. The debate has become more complicated as time has gone on because … Read more

Optimizing Energy Recovery From Wastewater Using Machine Learning

Optimizing Energy Recovery From Wastewater Using Machine Learning A wastewater treatment plant from above (Photo Courtesy of Pixels). By: Ryley McGinnis, Communications Specialist, UConn School of Engineering Properly disposing of biosolids in our water is essential in creating a sustainable water treatment system. Unfortunately, in the United States, and especially in New England, this process … Read more

3 Top Metaverse Stocks to Buy in February

The metaverse is being touted as the next evolution of the internet, or Web 3.0. It represents a convergence of virtual reality, social media, and gaming technology that creates a 3D version of the internet, and, according to Bloomberg Intelligence, it’s an opportunity estimated to be worth nearly $800 billion. Investors looking for good metaverse … Read more

How the CIA destroyed the socialist internet

In Mashable’s new three-part episode of our series on the digital age’s dark side, Kernel Panic, we explore a startingly advanced computer network developed in Salvador Allende’s Chile of the 1970s. Called Project Cybersyn, the network was a centerpiece of Allende’s effort to modernize the Chilean economy. It was developed in parallel with the American … Read more