Battlefield 2042 Update Finally Starts Resolving ‘Walking Sim’ Card Complaints

EA’s DICE has finally criticized one of the Battlefield 2042 maps, which fans have dubbed a “walking simulator.” The new update 1.2 reworks Kaleidoscope with an “improved gameplay flow”.

The developer has released patch notes for the update arriving today, August 2, detailing the midseason update, which also includes a handful of other changes. The Kaleidoscope rework headlines these improvements, but marks the first map update since DICE said it understands why fans are “using terms like ‘walking simulator’ to describe Battlefield 2042 in March.

Battlefield 2042 Map Updates

“We have identified several focus areas for our launch maps where our quality standards can be improved through changes in coverage, intensity, line of sight, paths and traverse,” said DICE. “Card rework takes time and Kaleidoscope is the first map we’ve completed this rework for.”

Changes include the addition of more cover through new assets and increased terrain in some areas, the creation of new flag positions, and the addition of brand new areas, including a front operational base in the park and a second command post close to the tower.

DICE will next release an update for Renewal as it works its way through improving Battlefield 2042’s seven launch maps. This will arrive sometime during Season 2, the developer said, sometime between September and November.

Today’s update also brings updated character models, changes to weapons including the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal 30mm Cannon, a player profile page, and improved aiming assist on the console.

Battlefield 2042 has had a pretty turbulent period post-launch, with Season 1 only launching seven months after its June launch after being postponed to focus on more pressing issues such as the inclusion of a leaderboard, but this update was also delayed.

Publisher EA admitted around the same time that Battlefield 2042 was not living up to expectations, and shortly after, an online petition for a refund was launched, which has since been signed by more than 230,000 players. Battlefield 2042’s count had dwindled in the meantime, as it had fewer players on Steam than Battlefield 1, 4, and 5 in early March.

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