Berks offers a survey to determine where Internet access should be improved | Berks regional news

BERKS COUNTY, Dad. – Pat Giles, senior vice president of the Wyomissing Foundation, said the pandemic has taught us a number of things, including the importance of good Internet access.

“The reality is that not everyone has the same access,” Giles said.

Access is needed for a variety of reasons, from education to healthcare. A provincial survey is seeking to identify where it is most needed, as part of a new initiative to assess broadband availability, affordability and overall accessibility.

Berks County is collaborating with several community organizations for the initiative. The Wyomissing Foundation is one of them.

“The survey automatically tests the level of their service, its speed, and its strength,” Giles said.

Information collected is used with data collected from technical sources, including carriers.

A consultant will then use research information for a study and evaluations to help the county obtain state and federal funding designed to improve broadband access.

“This is a process that will take some time, and we’ve had a good response so far,” Giles said, “but we want to have the best response possible.”

The broadband survey can be found on the county’s website and can also be accessed through the cellular service.

Giles says people who can’t access it at home can also go to libraries and community centers.

For now, she said the investigation will last until the end of June.

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