Best new restaurants and bars in Melbourne in August

Words from Ben Lamb

The best new restaurants, bars and cafes opening in Melbourne: all the farm restaurants, eateries, must-try hot spots and the coolest new watering holes.

We all know that Melbourne is a great melting pot for different cultures, people and backgrounds – our nightlife is praised for its commitment to multiculturalism. That’s the foundation of our hospo culture, so in every monthly guide to the best new restaurants and bars opening in Melbourne, expect to take a little trip around the world (from Brunswick to St Kilda).

Today we take a look through the streets of Melbourne at some of the best new places for all things food and drink to try in August. Here’s our August issue of the best new eateries, the must-try food and drink hotspots, plus your monthly guide to the best new bars and pubs. If you’d rather travel somewhere a little secret and ‘underground’, check out our list of the best hidden bars.

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Best New Restaurants in Melbourne

Victoria by Farmer’s Daughters

This new Melbourne restaurant has a full Victorian menu

A first of its kind collaboration between Fed Square and the team behind Farmer’s Daughters, it will bring respected Melbourne chief Alejandro Saravia his vision of defending Victoria and its diverse regions to this highly anticipated venue. Located in Melbourne’s Fed Square, overlooking the Yarra River, the 250-seat restaurant will transport diners into the heart and soul of Victoria, paying tribute and tribute to the products, people and places that make up this awesome condition.

Enter through Laundry

This new eatery is the brainchild of popular chef Holly Raichura, who has brought this dining concept to a few pop-up spots in the past. For $210 you can enjoy an amazing Indian inspired tasting menu, with about 20 different items of all different kinds. View the menu here and book your visit to Enter Via Laundry.

Smith St Bistrot

This new restaurant brings a bit of a French flair to Collingwood’s Smith St. They have focused on bringing some of France’s finest wines to Melbourne. Their menu also reads like something from Paris, it would be the perfect place to go if you don’t feel like flying to France just yet.


One of the newest spots on this list, Loti can be found in the heart of the St Kilda region. The menu focuses on great things that truly represent the coastal neighborhood. There are things like scampi, seared tuna and even a game fillet. They also have some great options for features so you can have all those parties you missed during the lockdown. View more information about LOTI here.

Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

It’s been around for a while, but they’ve closed their doors for a few months and are back in full swing. They have all the favorites, Margheritas, Pepperonis, Jalapeno pizzas and many more you can check out here.


Another great Indian restaurant comes in the form of Elchi, a beautiful place that feels like stepping into the future. Some great menu items include chicken tikka with chili caramel, lamb chops, korma and much more, view the full menu here.

Unnamed restaurant

This new Richmond establishment has what it takes to become a staple of Melbourne nightlife. With popular chef Timothy Martin at the helm, Untitled’s food is perfect for any kind of catching up. There are three sections to this restaurant, which give off some great quirky vibes, perfect from a big party to a laid-back meeting.

More info and a menu can be found here.

Great Esso

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Fed Square, Big Esso is a place with some menu items that are unlike anything else. The behind-the-scenes team source all their products from some great places – “First Nations, queer-led, women-led, and environmentally conscious producers.” So when you eat here you know you are eating well.

View more information about Big Esso here.


Located on Level 3 of the HER Bar, BKK is another place that will be swinging food for years to come. You can grab some tasty Asian-inspired classics such as wok-fried pork, sweet and crispy beef, Thai fish cakes, and many more. If your mouth is watering too, check out more information here.


Aru is a new restaurant named after the islands in Indonesia, and they aim to bring the best of old fashioned cooking techniques into their establishment. Some of their menu highlights include barramundi, dry-aged duck, chow mein, crab rice, and many more. More information about Aru can be found here.


If you’re looking for something on the fancier side, Nomad might be the place for you. Their a la carte menu has some tasty items like oysters, Yarra Valley salmon, fennel jam, and much more. They will also be involved in the Melbourne International Film Festival, you can find out a little more about this here.

are wrong

Sometimes set menu restaurants can feel a bit inaccessible and pricey, but Lona Misa has a great inexpensive tasting/set menu. Starting at $95, you can grab a great tasting menu with everything from smoked beetroot to a Brazilian seafood stew. View the rest of the menu here.

1800 Lasagna

As the name suggests, Thornbury’s 1800 Lasagna focuses on all things lasagna. Among other pasta options, they focus on two types of lasagna – the Di Carne (beef and pork) and the Di Melanzane (eggplant). To pair with their pasta, grab some garlic bread, salads, or even some marinated olives.

Connie’s Italian Diner

Connie’s Italian Diner actually started in 2017 as a hole in the wall that found a bunch of fans across the state. Now they just opened a full size place and provided customers with high quality pizza. They also make pizza the right way – not with a ton of ingredients piled on top, but with some quality toppings, check out the options here.

New farm restaurants in Melbourne

Archie’s Farm Restaurant and Bar

If you’re up for a small business venture outside of Melbourne’s inner circle, Scoresby has a great new Farm restaurant waiting for you. Archie’s Farm Restaurant and Bar has opened in the beautiful Hyatt Place and offers customers some great classic dishes.

Dive into more info about this place here.

New Melbourne Bars

The best bars and pubs in Melbourne’s CBD: Swanston Street and beyond

caretaker’s house

If you’re looking for a place to stay warm this winter, the new Caretaker Cottage bar is a nice cozy place to check out. You will find the Caretaker’s Cottage on Little Lonsdale St, see some more information here.

Beat’s guide to Melbourne’s best winter bars and restaurants

V Wine Salon

The V Wine Salon has a skilled team behind the scenes, making sure all visitors have a great experience. They are dedicated to all things wine, hosting masterclasses and wine events on a regular basis. View here some more information about the V Wine Salon.

Jamsheed Urban Winery

It’s not often you find a great winery in Melbourne. But Preston turns that on its head with their Jamsheed Winery. Jamsheed also allows you to experience the wine making experience, read more about it here.


A new speakeasy has just hit the Melbourne scene, Otōto is the ‘younger brother’ of the popular Akaiito restaurant. This underground establishment is great for a chilled chat with some friends, where you can enjoy their amazing Asian-inspired food and drinks. More information about Otōto can be found here.

Lane’s Edge wine bar

Another great wine bar has made its way to Melbourne, Lane’s Edge will definitely be a staple as we head into the warmer seasons. Nestled in one of Melbourne’s beautiful laneways, this place is the place to enjoy some of Australia’s finest wines. View the full menu here.

Auterra Wine Bar

It’s the season for wine bar openings, Auterra being one that makes its way to the Armadale region. To pair with their many great wines you can grab some great small plates at Auterra, there are things like smoked kangaroo tartare, octopus or even a donut. View the full menu here.

Pearl Chablis & Oyster Bar

With so many people returning home after a while, it’s great to see nightlife returning to normal. But wouldn’t blame you for wanting a bit of privacy back, that’s where the new Pearl Chablis and Oyster bar can come back, they offer a great intimate dining space so you can really focus on their high quality offerings.

Check out some more info about this place here.

New cafes in Melbourne

Moon Cruller

They may be a bit more popular in the US, but there’s a huge gap in the market for these decadent homegrown sweet treats. For an easy $5.50 you can grab one of their great flavors, just to name a few, passion fruit, raspberry, vanilla, or even a cappuccino flavor. Learn more about Moon Cruller here.

Warkop Coffee + Sandwiches

Richmond’s Warkop has a pretty limited menu, but that’s always a good sign, you know they’re experts at it. Some of the highlights include eggplant sandwiches and black coffee, among other things to check out here.

Jerry’s Milk Bar

Jerry’s Milk Bar gets into an already crowded cafe industry, but with some pretty cool and interesting stuff. This place has been around for decades but after some difficulties during COVID, they closed their doors. Some friends have recently taken over the space and made it an important cafe in the Melbourne scene. Learn more about Jerry’s Milk Bar here.

New takeaway in Melbourne

A list of Melbourne’s best ramen restaurants that aren’t Shop Ramen

Stan’s Deli and sandwiches

If you’re looking for a little New York vibe, look no further than Malvern’s Stan’s Deli. They are no ordinary sandwich shop, a quick glance at their Instagram shows their large selection of gourmet delicacies. Of course, to pair with your sandwich, there are a myriad of beers and chips that go great together.

Check out some more information about Stan’s Deli and Sandwiches here.

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