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Which wall wine rack is best?

A wine rack is a practical, stylish way to organize bottles, and a wall-mounted wine rack goes one step further without taking up floor space. It’s great for small spaces or areas where too much furniture would make the room cluttered. You can also store things in it at eye level, so you don’t have to bend down to reach a bottle.

Check out the GWH Industrial Wall Wine Rack for a rack that does double duty and looks great.

What you need to know before buying a wall wine rack

For bottles with cork

A wall-mounted wine rack is designed to hold a bottle upright or placed on its side. When deciding how to store wine bottles, consider the wine you are drinking. Does the bottle have a cork? Corked bottles need to be rocked to keep the cork from drying out, while twist-top bottles can be placed vertically without the same care.

High vs. wide stretch

Most wine racks are tall (vertical) or wide (horizontal). Tall racks tend to store bottles on their sides, while wide racks tend to store bottles upright. It is important to measure the space you plan to use, as wide shelving is more likely to bump into furniture or picture frames. A tall rack can usually hold more bottles, is better for corks, and takes up less space, but the height can make it difficult to reach bottles at the top.


Most wall-mounted wine racks come with the same basic hardware, including pre-cut holes in the rack and metal screws for mounting. If a rack does not have anchors, you may be able to purchase them separately for additional support. Products may ship with missing screws, so count the screws before starting to ensure you have the correct number.

What should you look for in a quality wall wine rack?

Extra storage space

If you only need space for a few bottles at a time, a wine rack with extra storage options is handy and will help you minimize the need for additional shelves. Additional storage space can mean one or two shelves above the rack for barware or souvenir displays. Many racks have hooks or slots for hanging wine glasses, and some have a pocket for used corks.

Construction materials

The strongest, most stylish wine racks are made of wood or metal. Wood is sturdy with beautiful natural tones, while a steel or iron rack is strong and sleek with a modern or industrial aesthetic. If you’re not sure what kind of look you want, consider a rack that brings wood and metal together.

artistic elements

A great wine rack doesn’t just store bottles on a wall – it also acts as a dynamic, captivating piece of art. With a fun theme or bold geometric design, it can go from a practical wall accessory to the centerpiece of a room. However, keep in mind that highly styled racks often hold fewer bottles than racks designed primarily for practical purposes.

How Much You Can Expect to Spend on a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack?

A wall-mounted wine rack usually costs $30-$200, depending on how elaborate the design is and the number of bottles it can hold.

Wall Mount Wine Rack FAQ

How much does a bottle of wine weigh?

A. A single bottle of wine weighs about 2-3 pounds. If your rack has a weight capacity but does not have separate bottle slots, multiply the weight of the bottle by the number of bottles you want to store to make sure you don’t exceed the limit.

How many bottles can a wall wine rack hold?

A. Wall-mounted wine racks less than 25 inches in length or height can hold two to six bottles, while large racks over 30 inches long or high can hold 9-27 bottles.

Can you hang a wall mounted wine rack on drywall?

A. You can hang the wine rack on drywall, but take extra precautions. Use anchors to keep the screws secure. If possible, place the rack against the stud, a solid wood support structure that runs vertically behind the wall. There is usually a stud every few meters.

What is the best wall wine rack to buy?

Top wall mounted wine rack

GWH industrial wall mounted wine rack

What you need to know: This wooden and iron upright bottle rack has three shelves and is available in two sizes.

What you will like: It’s very sturdy. The design is sleek and practical, with plenty of room for extra storage. It contains about 12 bottles and six to eight glassware.

What to think about: The rack is difficult to screw into place on the wall. Corks dry out faster if bottles are stored upright.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wall mounted wine rack for the money

Sorbus wall mounted wine rack

Sorbus wall mounted wine rack

What you need to know: This black metal wall-mounted wine rack is 18 inches tall and can hold nine bottles on their sides to keep the corks moist.

What you will like: It is practical and attractive while taking up minimal space. Bottles are separated so that they do not touch each other. The price is hard to beat and it is easy to install.

What to think about: Longer screws would make it safer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth watching

Sorbus Wall Mounted Chateau Style Wine Rack in Bordeaux

Sorbus Wall Mounted Chateau Style Wine Rack in Bordeaux

What you need to know: This black metal wall mounted wine rack measures 33 inches long and 16 inches high with room for seven bottles and five glasses.

What you will like: The round shape catches the eye and has elegant metal details. Bottles are stored upside down to prevent corks from drying out. There is a small shelf for extra storage space.

What to think about: The supplied screws do not always match the pre-cut holes perfectly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

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