Best Work Assessment Productivity Timer 2022

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Scout report: This simple little tool has completely changed the workday for me in a way that helps me sleep better at night.

There’s nothing more disappointing than coming to the end of the day and knowing that I’ve spent too much time on Instagram and maybe done half of my daily tasks. It’s something I constantly get myself worked up about and part of the reason why I have trouble sleeping at night. I struggled to complete tasks as I often just saw my work day as a long busy time. This is the mindset that made me fail, spending strange blocks of time at work, only to pick up my phone and lose about 30 minutes on Instagram (I hope my boss doesn’t read this!). I was in a repeated cycle of incompleteness and lack of attention where it was most crucial.

It got to the point where I didn’t feel good about my job, and that bled into my non-work hours because I just felt downright guilty. Some things are unavoidable (like your cat coughing up a hairball during your zoom meeting or another package is delivered), but if you don’t actively make your workspace a distraction-free zone (especially if you’re working from home), you’re going to lose valuable time. I decided to change the way I work and it started with one simple product: a productivity timer.

VOCOO Digital Productivity & Kitchen Timer

Yes, some might just call this a glorified kitchen timer, but I was shocked at how much more I got done each day when I started using this (and kept my phone out of reach). This simple little tool has made the workday for me in a way that helps me sleep better at night. I can set it to a desired amount of time for head-down busy work, then I get a short, timed break. There are many of these timers available, but I liked this one from Amazon the most because it looks modern enough to belong on my desk and it revolves around setting the time. For some reason, that’s strangely satisfying.

If you’re thinking about how to better prepare yourself for productivity, some of these tricks might work for you!

  1. Plan your day in advance. Write down exactly how long you think the tasks will take and use your new timer!
  2. Write down the three most important tasks of the day. These are tent pole items that cannot be pushed to the next day (even if they can!)
  3. Use a productivity schedule. Personally, I like the 52 minute work/17 minute break. It’s an odd amount of time, but I find it has totally changed my workday.
  4. Use website blockers. You can of course undo this whenever you want, but I find that having a barrier between me and a site that will distract me helps keep me busy.
  5. Listen to productive music. I really love Spotify’s Focus playlists!
  6. Group similar tasks together. This way you get more done much faster!
  7. Start your day with an easy or difficult task. This took some tweaking for me, but I find I like getting the hard stuff done first.
  8. Work near natural light. You’d be surprised how much this affects your sleep too! Do not place your desk in dark corners too far from windows.
  9. Keep your phone out of reach when you don’t need it. (this was the biggest for me)

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