Black men frolic and bring some much-needed joy to the internet

Fumbling is the latest trend on social media, and it’s black men who are in charge. Some men went to TikTok to merrily hopped in open fields, while others took on the challenge in their own backyard, frolicking in style and bringing joy to the internet.

The trend has led to the hashtag #BlackBoyJoy on social media.

While frolicking seems to be mostly for humor, one guy said there are serious benefits to having that kind of fun. The man said he felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulder after taking on the challenge.

“I feel happier,” he said in the TikTok video. “I feel like every brother should experience that. Too often we walk around with the armor on, the mean mug, we don’t always have to be.”

The man also highlighted the trend’s impact on mental health.

“Mental health is a serious situation in the black community. It’s being overlooked,” he said. “Things like that help mental health. I feel much better. So I want my brothers to experience that.”

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