‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Release Date, News, Plot, Cast

While you all wait for the creepy virtual reality headset from “Playtest” to hit the market, it looks like Netflix is ​​ordering a sixth season of its hit dystopian series, black mirror

According to Varietyblack mirror‘s creator, Charlie Brooker, will be working on new episodes of the series. This marks one of the few significant pieces of black mirror-related news we’ve seen since the show’s fifth season debuted on June 5, 2019, otherwise known as Several Lives Ago. Speaking to a source close to the production, Variety reports that the “final season is even more cinematic, with each episode treated as a separate movie”More nightmares for all of us, it seems. When season six of black mirror Netflix, it will be a sequel to last season’s three-episode series, including the Miley Cyrus starring “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”.

This news is a little surprising to see, after Brooker shared: Radio Times that he wasn’t sure if black mirror had a future past its fifth season. “Right now I don’t know what kind of stomach I would have for stories of disintegrating societies, so I’m not working on any of them,” he said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic. “I’m kind of like I wanted to rethink my comedic skills, so I wrote scripts to make myself laugh.” If there’s anyone we trust to put a spin on our hellish past years that actually needs to be watched, it’s Brooker.

No word yet on when season six of black mirror will fall, or any of the actors Brooker plans to bring to his dystopian playground. In the meantime, check out our ranking of every episode of black mirror until now† (yes, even “bandersnatch

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