Black Panther’s M’Baku Gets Cosmic in Marvel’s Wakanda Series

CBR can exclusively reveal album covers and invitation information for Marvel’s Wakanda #2, in which M’Baku embraces his new cosmic position.

An issue of Marvel’s upcoming Wakanda series will see Black PantherM’Baku’s embrace his cosmic role in the intergalactic realm.

CBR May Exclusively Reveal Album Covers and Request Information for Marvel’s Wakanda #2, by writer Evan Narcisse, artists Ibraim Roberson and Natacha Bustos, and cover artist Mateus Manhanini. Released in November, the issue will see M’Baku take on a new kind of challenge after previously being named regent of the Intergalactic Empire.

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  • Evan Narcisse (W) • Abraham Roberson & Natacha Bustos (A)
  • Cover by Mateus Manhanini
  • While T’Challa handled situations on Earth, M’Baku acted as regent over the intergalactic realm. And when an enemy from Wakanda’s past threatens to destroy his future, M’Baku will prove why the cosmos was entrusted to him. Plus, the definitive HISTORY OF THE BLACK PANTHERS by Evan Narcisse and Natacha Bustos continues!

“The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda is one of the most exciting evolutions of the Black Panther mythos and I’m so excited to be returning to it with co-writer Adam Serwer,” said Narcisse. “Wakanda #2 focuses on M’Baku and his new role as regent of Intergalactic Wakanda, and our story will explore how new revelations from his past are affecting the growing pains of the space empire. It’s great to reconnect with M’Baku; He is a character who combines complicated legacies and must find his own way and a way forward for a powerful new faction in the cosmic landscape of Marvel.”

M’Baku and the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda

The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda was first introduced in 2017 Marvel’s Legacy #1. Created thousands of years ago by time-traveling explorations sent from Wakanda by T’Challa, the empire was initially a corrupt and vicious embodiment of Wakanda determined to conquer other star systems. T’Challa eventually learned of the Empire and took charge. In 2021 Last Destruction: Wakanda by Narcisse, Germán Peralta, Jesus Aburtov and Cory Petit, T’Challa passed leadership duties to M’Baku, a character who first appeared in 1969 avengers #62 and who is played by Winston Duke in the MCUs Black Panther franchisee.

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Wakanda is a new five-issue series launching in October. Spinning out John Ridley’s running Black Panther run, any number of Wakanda focuses on another favorite character during the time when T’Challa is evicted from his country. any number of Wakanda also includes a backup story of Narcisse and Bustos that focuses on past Wakandans who once held the Black Panther title.

Wakanda #2 is out November 16 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

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