Breaking Time and Other Books for Outlander Fans

Alsberg uses the alternating points of view of Klara and Callum to weave this young adult coming-of-age story that also includes a thoughtful exploration of loss and grief. The author uses elements from Scottish and Celtic mythology to build the fantastical world, where time travel is possible and love is just one of many important factors. With a cliffhanger ending where Klara makes a big choice, this feels like just the beginning of Klara and Callum’s epic love story. Break time hits your bookshelf on June 14, but you can pre-order it right now.

All Souls (Series) by Deborah Harkness

The All souls trilogy starts with A discovery of witches, in which young academic Diana Bishop enters a world of danger and magic. It’s actually in her blood. Diana is the descendant of witches, and when she comes across an enchanted manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library, the fantastic underworld she’s been trying to avoid calls to mind. This comes in many forms – daemons, witches and vampires – but the most handsome is Matthew Clairmont, an ancient vampire geneticist. (Edward Cullen could never.) The two quickly fall in love, breaking an age-old taboo that dictates vampires and witches that they are enemies. While this story begins in our modern world, it doesn’t end there over the course of the addictive trilogy, as Diana and Matthew do everything they can to not only stay together, but also unravel the mystery of the magical world’s deadly machinations. to solve.

Pillars of the Earth book cover

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

Before Pillars of the EarthKen Follett was best known for writing thrillers. Thank God he didn’t limit himself to that genre, because this historical epic is something special. Incredibly ambitious in scope but also rooted in the intimacy of the human experience, Pillars of the Earth is worth every minute it takes to read the 1000 pages – and it has a live-action miniseries adaptation with the bonus of a young Hayley Atwell and Eddie Redmayne in the central love story!

The Pillars of the Earth set in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, it tells the story of the building of a mighty Gothic cathedral in 12th-century England. While the book does not feature time travel in the traditional sense, it does allow readers to travel through time as the six-part story spans generations. Kingsbridge Cathedral is the constant, but the story also centers around some memorable (for better and for worse) characters. This includes soulmates Jack, an artist who will become a master builder, and Aliena, a resilient noblewoman who hides a dangerous secret. Gripping storylines, The Pillars of the Earth tells several passionate love stories amid the medieval political struggle between church and state. It will also forever change the way you see ancient cathedrals.

Beyond the Highland Mist cover

Highlander (series) by Karen Marie Moning

Okay, back to Scotland for another story about an independent 20th century woman who travels back in time to 16th century Scotland, is forced to marry a roguish Scot and finds herself falling in love with him. Karen Marie Monings Highlander series starts with Beyond the Highland Mist and like foreigner before it, hits all those delicious plot beats – then does it over and over in the following installments of the series. Every book in the Highlander series (which keeps getting better) tells a different story of magical time travel romance (hey, if the tropes aren’t broken!), so if you like Beyond the Highland Mistthere’s more where that came from.

The book cover for The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

When a historical fiction writer named Claire decides to use the failed Jacobite Rebellion of 1708 as the setting for her next novel, she is unexpectedly drawn to the ghost of her ancestor Sophia Paterson, who tells Claire the story of her romance with Scottish rebel John Moray. Told in a dual timeline structure through the concept of “genetic memory”, The Winter Sea is a fresh take on the historical romantic “time travel” genre that is beautifully told and makes you feel as involved in the Sophia/John love story as Claire. if you love foreigner‘s setting and its anchoring in real history, then you have to give The Winter Sea an attempt.

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