Brokers in defamation case sparked by ‘humiliating’ email from all boss’s employees

Calnan further explained in the email that her position as REIV president during the COVID-19 pandemic meant she had to focus on that role seven days a week.

After two terms as president, Calnan is now vice president at the REIV.

Real estate agent Lauren Macpherson said the email left her feeling hurt, sad, ashamed and humiliated.

“I relied on my support network to make sure Metro and the team were looked after,” she wrote in the email.

“To be [sic] now it turns out that this just didn’t happen.”

According to court documents, there were about 25 people on the “Full Metro Team” distribution list who received the email.

While Macpherson can’t say exactly how many employees read the note, she claimed most would have opened it because “it was a derogatory email from their boss about a former boss.”

In the email, Calnan also apologized to staff “for disappointing,” listing several examples of things that hadn’t been handled properly during her absence.

“For the training you were promised but didn’t get. For the click groups that developed. For the time when you didn’t feel like you could have your lunch in the lunchroom. For the people who had to work extra kitchen shifts because team members didn’t have to perform that task,” the email reads.

“For the behavior that didn’t suit an operations manager. For the awkwardness you felt asking a question. Rejecting ideas meant making the company better and favoring a few team members over the rest of the team.”

In the weeks following Macpherson’s resignation, Calnan wrote: “It feels like we have our team back – there is no longer a heavy cloud over the office”. She signed off with: “I just want to thank each and every one of you. xx”

An email from all employees has brought the boss of a real estate company to court.

An email from all employees has brought the boss of a real estate company to court.

Before leaving the company and taking legal action, Macpherson was featured in a Q&A on Metro Property Management’s website to help clients get to know the workforce during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

In the interview, Macpherson said she was looking forward to reuniting with her “local attorney” for coffee once restrictions were relaxed, misspelling barista.

The comment turned out to be prescient: Her County Court subpoena was drafted by defamation attorney Toby Mullen.

Among the defamatory allegations Macpherson alleges that Calnan has made about her is that she failed in her professional duties, is dishonest and lacks integrity, and that she was the cause of an “uncomfortable and uncomfortable work environment” at Metro Property Management.

Macpherson claims the email was in retaliation for her refusal to continue to be listed as the agency’s officer with effective control and a suspicion by Calnan that she had taken another job.

According to her LinkedIn page, Macpherson now works at real estate company Ray White.

Macpherson alleges that Calnan did not withdraw the email or apologize, but responded to a legal letter requesting that the complaint be withdrawn.


Calnan also allegedly threatened to initiate proceedings against Macpherson for violating employment obligations.

Macpherson is seeking damages, including aggravated damages, and a permanent injunction preventing Calnan from further publishing the allegations.

Calnan did not respond to requests for comment and has yet to file a defense with the court.

Macpherson’s attorney also did not respond to an investigation by… The Sunday Era

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