California water officials push conservation amid bleak prospects for improving drought conditions

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The area of ​​outside watering restrictions goes into effect in Los Angeles late this month, and the prospect of an improvement in drought looks murky.

How bad is the drought really? According to state figures, the first three months of the year were the driest in the state’s history. California is currently in its third year of drought.

Wade Crowfoot is Secretary of State for Natural Resources. The only resource he oversees that we all use is water. According to his agency, the drought is getting worse, not better.

“We are experiencing changed conditions because of higher temperatures in winter and then higher temperatures in spring and summer,” Crowfoot said in an interview with ABC7. “What that means is less snow in the mountains that provide our water supply. And then more of that snowpack that falls absorbs into very dry soil or evaporates into warm air.”

Crowfoot said California has not yet reached the point where state officials would impose water restrictions. But he wants everyone to know why we are all being asked to save.

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So far, Angelenos have cut back on their water usage.

“We’ve done such a good job in the city of LA that we’ve reduced our water usage by 20%,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “We’ve gone from 50% irrigation use for domestic water to 35%. So as long as we continue to meet those benchmarks, we should even survive the ongoing drought for some time to come.”

And with the summer months sure to be dry, officials here continue to urge you to save.

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