Canberra man denied bail after ACT police charged him with drugging, raping and robbing his Grindr date

A Canberra man has been denied bail after allegedly drugging, raping and robbing another man he met through the dating app Grindr.

Shae Elliott, 22, was arrested after turning himself in to police.

The ACT Magistrates Court denied him bail Monday after hearing how the alleged victim was scared because Mr Elliott knew where he lived.

Police said the couple contacted Grindr and met late last month when they had sex and used drugs, including methamphetamine.

The alleged victim told police he allowed Mr Elliott to put on some of his clothes. He also posted pictures of himself with Mr. Elliott on Facebook.

The couple met through the gay dating app Grindr.(Pixabay/ABC News)

But according to court documents, the situation changed when Mr Elliott brought drugs, including GHB, to the alleged victim’s home.

The alleged victim said he agreed to take some GHB with Mr Elliott but was given a higher dose than he expected and passed out.

He contacted the police when he awoke to find that he had allegedly been raped and discovered that his belongings had been stolen.

Police allege that Mr. Elliott took $400 in cash, a jacket, two pairs of shoes, a watch and perfume, and also wiped the alleged victim’s phone.

Prosecutors urged the court to refuse bail because there was a risk that Elliott would not show up to file his charges.

They noted that the alleged crimes showed escalation in his behavior.

Magistrate Glenn Theakston refused bail, saying he was concerned about Elliott’s history of violence and recidivism.

The case will go to court later this month.

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