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Stone strengthens her future

As it turns out, the coalition government’s frenzy of appointing liberal and national partners to take down public sector jobs continued quite late into the doomed government’s tenure.

A late shiner is a handy move for a former Liberal hero Sharman Stone† She held Murray’s now abolished federal seat in Victoria from 1996 to 2016 and her parliamentary career spanned the leadership of John HowardBrendan NelsonMalcolm TurnbullTony Abbottand Turnbull (again).

As one of her last acts in office, outgoing Minister of Families and Communities Anne Ruston took Stone as the new director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies with an early May start date.

Sharman Stone, the new director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies.Credit:Simon Schluter

The gig pays a cool $388,000 a year, plus perks.

We asked Ruston about the selection processes, but she wouldn’t answer and referred CBD’s questions to the institute.

A spokeswoman said section 114D of the family law law gave the minister the right to directly appoint the director, and sent a copy of the new boss’s resume to underline her credentials.

The former Secretary of State holds degrees in Anthropology, a Masters in Sociology, a PhD in Economics and Business and served as Australia’s Global Ambassador for Women and Girls from 2017 to 2020.

But scoring a five-year tenure at age 71, worth roughly $2 million in total, shows that it’s never too late for all sorts of things.

Changes in Catholic Education

Like everything else, the educational world is divided by ideology.

There are the traditionalists, who are wary of change, and the progressivists, who want to tear the whole system apart and start over. In Sydney, the last group was led by Greg Whitby, who runs the 80 schools within the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

He has made a name for himself and calls for the scrapping of the HSC and NAPLAN with more focus on vocational training. Therefore it was a bit of a surprise to see the Bishop of Parramatta Vincent Long Van Nguyen announced last week that Whitby will retire at the end of this year.

Whitby has also come under pressure from One Nation MP Mark Lathamwho chairs the Education Committee in Parliament and is a staunch anti-progressivism crusader.

Some in education are happy that Whitby is gone. However, others consider him a visionary and a loss to the industry. “I’m not going to play golf or join a barn just yet,” Whitby, who has been a teacher since 1974, told CBD.

“Maybe I’ll clean up my wine cellar and do a little travel.”

Perhaps there will be a second coming of this controversial Catholic?


After his great sporting weekend, Anthony Albanian and partner Jodie Haydon caught the last performance of Wayside Bride Sunday at the Belvoir Theater.


The new prime minister came to the 2 p.m. matinee in a personal capacity to support his actor friend Sacha Horler† When it was announced during the COVID safety speech that a PM was in the room, the Albanian received a round of applause.

The production was completely in the vein of Albo, as it is based on the founder of Wayside Chapel Ted Noffscharges of heresy he eventually won against the church in his fight to make Australia more compassionate.

Was also briefly spotted Sam Kerr in Spike Lee‘s Director’s Cut ad to celebrate Nike’s 50th anniversary. The football star was the only Australian athlete to appear.

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