Cardinals and nationals reportedly exchange names at a Juan Soto trade (UPDATE)

sip. I was afraid this would be the next report. I feel sick. Hope against hope that it does not happen, but also sick.

The Cardinals and Nationals have reached the point where they are swapping names over a potential Juan Soto transaction:

Read it for yourself, but this does have the feeling of a situation where trade talks have reached a very serious stage. Either with the Cardinals alone, or with a handful of teams, and the pressure is now being applied through back channels.

I *TRULY* HATE the fact that the Nationals are going to include Patrick Corbin’s dead salary in the deal, which means the prospect costs for the Cardinals would be lower. Nolan Gorman is discussed as the centerpiece (wut?), but at least the article mentions that top prospect Jordan Walker should also be included. Hopefully more. So much more.

Actually, hopefully this doesn’t happen at all. It’s my personal hell to picture Juan Soto in a Cardinals uniform for the next 2.5 years, or maybe even the next decade + if they renew him.

Stay tuned. Stay scared.

UPDATE: See what’s hopeful – for us! – updates on the latest news from the rumor mill here. The short version is that a deal may still not be close, nor do the Nationals want to include Corbin as a salary dump (meaning prospect costs would be higher).

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