Singapore’s National Neuroscience Institute partners with Kyalio to develop VR modules for neurosurgical training

Singapore’s National Neuroscience Institute is partnering with VR medical content platform Kyalio to develop neurosurgery training modules. As part of their research collaboration agreement, they have created VR modules based on real-life cases managed by neurosurgeons at NNI and captured by Kyalio. The modules can be viewed via an Oculus VR headset or a mobile … Read more

Can peer mental health programs bridge the youth access gaps? Experts say it’s complicated

As schools and communities struggle to find more ways to support youth wellbeing amid a pandemic-induced mental health crisis, some think part of the answer lies with students helping other students. The basic idea behind these peer support programs is simple: they rely on students trained to lend a listening ear to those who reach … Read more

Study: High-fiber diet linked to a lower risk of dementia

Japanese researchers followed more than 3,500 men and women ages 40 to 64 for two decades and found that the individuals who ate a lot of fiber, especially soluble fiber, had a reduced risk of developing dementia. The researchers suggest that fiber is not only beneficial for our cardiovascular health, but also for the brain. … Read more

Hong Kong gears up to welcome Xi for anniversary of the transfer | Health, medicine and fitness

By ZEN SOO – Associated Press HONG KONG (AP) – Chinese President Xi Jinping is embarking on a two-day visit to Hong Kong to mark the 25th anniversary of the city’s handover to mainland China, with a series of tightened security measures and thousands of guests being quarantined ahead of time posted of the celebrations. … Read more

Recognition of lingering mental health disparities within minority communities and the pursuit of culturally centered care – Press and Guide

Mental illness does not discriminate, anyone of any age, gender, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic level can experience it. But providing effective mental health care requires recognition and understanding of the person’s collective life experiences. For minority groups, there are unique challenges and differences when it comes to mental health care. Communities of color have a … Read more

With James Harden’s rejection option from Sixers, six free agents who might fit

It looks like James Harden’s decision to decline his player option will greatly expand the Sixers’ options. That said, it’s worth remembering that the Sixers currently have 12 players under contract and can’t just make overwhelmingly compelling offers to anyone they want. Still, it looks like the team should have some useful resources to improve … Read more

BNT162b2 Vaccine efficacy against Omicron in children aged 5 to 11 years

data source Clalit Health Services (CHS) is the largest integrated healthcare provider in Israel, with more than 4.7 million active members. CHS maintains a comprehensive healthcare data warehouse that combines hospital and community medical records, including laboratory and imaging data, and drug and healthcare utilization data. Covid-19 related data is collected by the Israeli Ministry … Read more