Celebrations but lessons for Labor afters swings in three Tasmanian chairs

Whether or not Labor succeeds in forming a majority government, it could draw important lessons from its achievements in northern Tasmania.

The party has suffered setbacks in Bass, Braddon and Lyon, where two-time MP Brian Mitchell is locked in a tense battle with Liberal challenger Susie Bower.

Liberal Gavin Pearce has made Braddon’s northwestern electorate a safe seat, by a margin of more than 8 percent.

His challenger, Chris Lynch of Labour, has won just 22 percent of the vote, a huge blow of about 10 percent against him.

Voters weren’t convinced Ross Hart deserved a second chance at the ALP, with Bridget Archer increasing the wafer-thin Bass margin. ABC News: Chris Healy/Ellen Coulter

In Bass, Liberal Bridget Archer looks set to break the trend of instability and become the first MP to be re-elected there in 20 years.

With nearly 70 percent of the vote counted, she has increased a razor-thin margin of 0.4 percent.

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