Celebrations fit for a queen: what to do this anniversary weekend

Our Lizzie is the first monarch to celebrate 70 years on the throne. Kindly enough, she gave us the chance to celebrate with a four day holiday weekend – the perfect opportunity to relax from exams! Rather than succumbing to another night at Squirrels, there’s a range of student-focused events in Manchester to look forward to!

From Thursday 2nd June, why not spend the last part of your student loan with the Craft and flea markett in Manchester Cathedral? More than 50 stalls from local and independent shops will showcase their creations from 10am to 4pm. It’s an easy way to support Manc businesses and get out of the house. Plus, you’ll be picking up some new pieces to display in your new home next year!

If you’re looking for a little more energy on Thursday, the Drag Queen Music Bingo at Pong and Puck might be for you. The bingo tests three decades of your music knowledge, accompanied by a free cocktail on arrival. The bar also serves throwback vibes with their retro cocktails and old school games. An evening fit for all the queens in town.

Likewise, Sackville Gardens comes alive with their ‘Suitable for a queen weekend† Music is played by some of the greatest musicians of the 1990s and 2000s, with a portion of ticket sales being donated to the restoration of the gardens. The event also ends at 10pm; perfect for STEM students who have a full day of revision waiting for them! But Gay Village is just around the corner, where a good night’s sleep is guaranteed…

The whole weekend, Piccadilly Gardens celebrates the anniversary in style. Piccadilly Gardens takes a quieter approach, with live music, dance performances and food stalls. If you go to the city center on weekends to let loose, you can enjoy street food from different cuisines and alcohol made by local manufacturers. If you have an exam mindset, why not grab some chow mein noodles or a burrito before heading to the main library?

Finally the big one: Ducie Street Warehouse† With four days devoted to drinking the Queen, there’s no place quite like Ducie’s. There is a pop-up BBQ and disco brunch. Expect DJ sets and a rechargeable brunch all day long for those of us who’ve gone a little too hard. Hey, that’s called being patriotic.

So get ready to crack open and call an Uber. There are plenty of ways to take part in the platinum anniversary celebrations in Manchester. Oh, did we mention Love Island starts on Monday 6e June? Give me another bottle.

Words from Lexie Baynes

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