Celtics vs. Warriors Prediction, Pick, Odds, Spread, Line For 2022 NBA Finals Game 4

This might as well be an elimination game for the Warriors, who will not become the second team in NBA history to recover from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals to win the title. That way, Golden State feels like the smart bet. It’s the more desperate team.

That said, the Boston Celtics are looking more and more like the distinctly superior team. They don’t have to endanger either side of the field with their lineup, while Golden State must choose offense or defense. The Celtics have more creators, better defense and are much bigger and more athletic.

Boston wasn’t great at home during the playoffs, but Stephen Curry, who scores 49 percent in the first three games of this series at 12 3s per game, represents the ultimate puncher opportunity.

It’s still tight. Personally, I predicted at the start that the Celtics would win the series in seven, and I still believe that. I think the Warriors will find a way to win Game 4 and make it a three-game series going back to San Francisco, but most of my colleagues disagree. It is difficult to argue with them. Again, Boston seems to be the better team.

How to watch Game 4 live

  • Game: NBA Finals, Game 4
  • Date: Friday 10 June | 21:00 ET
  • Place: TD Garden — Boston, Massachusetts
  • TV: ABC | live stream: fuboTV (Get access now)
  • Chances: GS+145; BOS-170; O/U 214 (via Caesars Sportsbook)

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Celtics vs. Warriors Prediction, Game 4 Picks

Bill Reiter: Earlier in the week, it felt certain that the Warriors would win one of these two games in Boston. Steph Curry is Steph Curry. Klay Thompson would definitely get his shooting feeling back, at least for one game. Draymond Green would back his loud talk with impressive, powerful playing. Jordan Poole would finally contribute. And so on. That still feels good, albeit less under the uncertainty of Curry’s injury. Yet, as far as we know, the Warriors are still the Warriors, and the bias for recency is prevalent in the NBA. So other than Curry being too hurt to really help, the sky most likely doesn’t quite fall on the Warriors – and a win shifts this series and momentum back into their hands. Choice: Golden State +4 | Warriors 112, Celtics 108

Brad Botkin: This is very simple: I bet on the competitiveness of Stephen Curry and the world-class Warriors, which has been arguably their most important trait over the years. This team is fighting. His championship life is at stake. If Boston rises 3-1, this is over. Boston is a better team. Golden State has drawbacks all over the court. Still, I believe in my soul that Curry has to be Curry and the Warriors to find a way to even bring this thing back to San Francisco. But they’ll have to give up points to do it because I don’t see them doing much to stop Boston. Choice: Golden State +4 | Warriors 118, Celtics 113

James Herbert: I honestly don’t feel comfortable with the confidence I have in the Celtics right now. I initially predicted that this would be a seven game run, and nothing about Golden State suggests it will fold. However, it seems that we are seeing a familiar story unfold: Boston is figuring out exactly how it wants to attack its opponent, while that opponent seeks formations that work on both sides. Can’t pick the Warriors if I don’t think they have come up with a winning formula *and* Steph might be bothered. Choose: Boston -4 | Celtics 120, Warriors 110

Colin Ward Henninger: Many people choose the Celtics, and rightly so. They physically dominated Golden State and endured some great shooting nights from Steph Curry and Klay Thompson to win Game 3. My hopes for the Warriors stem from the idea that Steve Kerr spent the first three games coming up with lineup combinations and rotation patterns. He hasn’t struck gold often, but I think he has enough evidence to make better calls in Game 4. They won’t be dominated on the boards anymore, and Draymond Green will come out with the fire and passion we saw in Game 2. There hasn’t been a competitive crunch time in this series yet, and that’s where I think the Warriors have the advantage. This one should be nearby, but I’m going to Golden State. Choice: Golden State +4 | Warriors 103, Celtics 100

Jasmyn Wimbisho: I’d like to start by saying that my score prediction was three points away from the final score for Game 3, so hooray. On to Game 4… Steph Curry said right after Game 3 that he doesn’t think this foot injury is going to cost him a game. He then said on Thursday afternoon that he will play in Game 4. That’s all good news for the Warriors. However, if he’s less than 100 percent, it could be tricky for this team. Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins showed signs of life on offense in Game 3, which was encouraging, but Golden State couldn’t stop anyone on the other side of the floor. The Celtics punished the Warriors with their size, limited turnover, and played smart, solid basketball. It felt like Boston found the recipe to beat this team two more times while Golden State is still figuring things out. Choose: Boston -4 | Celtics 120, Warriors 112

Michael Kaskey-Blomain: I chose Golden State to win Game 3, and it didn’t go so well. The Celtics were the more physical team throughout Game 3, and at times they just looked too big and athletic for Golden State to match, and that’s not necessarily something you can plan against. The other problem for the Warriors is that they struggled to find consistent scores outside of Steph Curry, while the Celtics had more consistent contributions. Speaking of Curry, he could now be a bit hampered after Al Horford landed on his leg late in Game 3. The Warriors need him so much, and if he’s not at full strength, it’s going to be hard for them to win. Choose: Boston -4 | Celtics 112, Warriors 104

Sam Quinn: Here’s what I’m just struggling to get through three games: In the regular season, nearly 48 percent of Stephen Curry’s field goals were assisted. In this series, that figure has been reduced to 27.3 percent. All that beautiful five-man move that Golden State leans on offensively? It’s gone. The Celtics challenge the Warriors to beat them one-on-one, and Curry is the only goalscorer they have who can do it. Jordan Poole averages 12 points per game. Klay Thompson wasn’t much of a dribbler, even at his peak. I just don’t see any answers to that for the Warriors. Their roster is not equipped for this type of series. I expect the Celtics to separate in Game 4. Choose: Boston -4 | Celtics 121, Warriors 102

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