Chaffee Health Provides Intergenerational Technical Assistance | Free content

Chaffee County Public Health has announced it is partnering with the Salida Community Center to host an educational and fun event to help Chaffee County’s older adults with their technology.

Tech-savvy middle and high school students will volunteer to help older adults with their phones, I-pads, laptops, etc. Participants can schedule to learn about new applications and ask specific questions so they can access full capacity of the technology they possess.

Techy Taco Tuesday is Tuesday, August 9 at the Salida Community Center from 12:00-1:30 PM. Participants are asked to bring their technology, questions and challenges they may have with their technology to the event. A free taco bar is provided.

Yoga for adults will take place prior to the event at 10:30am

During the pandemic, social connection was sometimes made possible through technology. However, for some it may have resulted in frustration.

Older adults are encouraged to come with an open mind to learn, have fun, eat and access the knowledge our younger members of the community have on technology.

CCPH and Age Strong Chaffee offer opportunities to exercise and stay socially and mentally active throughout the month. For more information about this and other opportunities to grow strong in Chaffee County, visit

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